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Clinical Laboratory Science Degree Plan

Clinical Laboratory Science Degree Plan
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Today's Date:
Expected Graduation Date:
Successful Completion of TASP:
Successful Completion of English Usage Exam:

Upon successful completion, enter the appropriate course grade and indicate hours earned.  Check the box to indicate a transferred course (TC).
I.   Academic Foundations TC Grade Hours  Specify Courses and/or
 Alternate Schools Here
  English 1113       
    English 1123       
    Speech 1133 or Speech 1233
  Mathematics 1233       
  History 1133      
    History 1233      
  Political Science 1333      
    Political Science 1433      
    One of the following:             
    Computer Science 
    Economics 1333 or 2333
    Psychology 1103 or Sociology 1133
    Exercise Physiology (Specify)
    Exercise Physiology (Specify)
    Fine Arts (Specify)
    2 Semesters of One Foreign Language             
    46 Hours Required Section I hours =

II.   Option E-1 - Clinical Lab Sciences
Academic Coursework

Grade Hours  Specify Courses and/or
 Alternate Schools Here
    Biology 1144
    Biology 1544
    Biology 3054
    Biology 3064
    Biology 3334
    Biology 3003 
    Biology 4023 
    Biology 4001
    27 Hours Required Section II hours =

III.   Program Requirements
Academic Coursework

Grade Hours  Specify Courses and/or
 Alternate Schools Here
    Biology 2144 
    Chemistry 1141 
    Chemistry 1143 
    Chemistry 1241 
    Chemistry 1243 
    Chemistry 2001 
    Chemistry 2003 
    Chemistry 3305 
    Statistics 3573 
    24 Hours Required Section III hours =

IV.   Electives: TC Grade Hours
      Section IV hours =

Upon completion of academic coursework, the student will apply for acceptance to a Hospital- or University-based clinical practicum consisting of 27 semester hours (advanced hours). Upon successful completion of an AMA curriculum, the student is eligible to take the National Certification examination for Medical Technologist.

Section I hours
Section II hours
Section III hours
Section IV hours
Practicum Hours 41
Total Hours   

Med. Tech. Advisor


Student – I understand that this degree plan does not supersede the catalog requirements for which I am fully responsible.

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