Undergraduate Research

Faculty Supported Undergraduate Research:

Dr. Rodney Cate's students work to separate and characterize various enzymes from snake venoms.  Techniques employed include electrophoretic methods,  size exclusion, ion exchange, and affinity chromatography, and UV-visible spectroscopy. 

Dr. Chris Hansen's students work in several areas of organic synthesis primarily targeting small molecules.  Examples include non-ionic surfactants for use in high performance micellar electrokinetic chromatography, modified phthalocyanines for use in preparing chemically modified electrodes, possible pheromones, etc. 

Dr. Jianguo Shao's students work in the electrochemistry and spectroelectrochemistry of macrocyclic phthalocyanins, porphyrins, porphoryrazines and corroles. Other areas of active research are in analytical chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis, zeolite chemistry and environmental chemistry.

Dr. Randal Hallford's students work in the synthesis of nobel metal complexes with fluorescent properties and important theoretical and industrial applications. Analysis is accomplished utiilzing X-ray diffraction, quantum mechanical computational modelling and low temperature fluorscence spectroscopy. Other areas of interest are stereospecific catalytic surface development, and the thermodynamics and kinetics of inroganic complexes of the nobel metals.