Current Events: Department of Sociology

1.  Dr. Robert Clark retiring, May 2017

Dr. Clark has been with Midwestern State University for 44 years. He has served as a colleague, mentor and friend to us all and he will be greatly missed.

2.  Student Research

Southwestern Social Science Association Meeting

Austin TX 2017

Understanding Sex Panel Presentation: 5 student papers

  • The Relationship between body attitudes and Hooking Up in College 

Students: Chelsea Glover and Andrew LaTour

  • The Impact of Viewing Porn on the Endorsement of traditional gender norms and sexual scripts 

Students: Zachary Roberts and Fatima Touray

  • College Students accounts of how they learned about Sexuality: A Qualitative Analysis 

Students: Alexis Caldwell and Sarah Kennedy

  • Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes of Hooking Up: Does Being Sexually Active Make a Difference? 

Students: Elyssa Henderson and Catherine Stepniak

  • How Does Abstinence-Only Sex Education Effect College Student Knowledge of Sex: How Much Change is There between First-Year and Fourth Year Students?       

        Students: Madison Brechbuhl    

Two Additional Paper Presentations at the SSSA in Austin:

  • Bridging the Gap: The Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra and the Next Generation of Music Lovers 

Student: Austin Monson

  • The Effect of Terminology on Attitudes Toward End-of-Life Decisions

Students: Careisha Whyte and Shirley Hazel