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Admissions Requirements

Required application materials include an Application for Admission to The Graduate School at Midwestern State University (, transcripts (all undergraduate and graduate coursework), and official Graduate Record Examination scores.  Additional application materials, such as letters of recommendation and personal statements, are optional but may also be submitted.  Transcripts, Graduate Record Examination scores, and additional application material must be submitted to:

Graduate Coordinator Psychology Department
c/o The Graduate School
Midwestern State University
3410 Taft Blvd.
Wichita Falls, TX 76308

Completed applications will be distributed by the Psychology Department Graduate Coordinator and to the other members of the Psychology Graduate Admissions Committee for their consideration.
Applications for Fall admission will be evaluated March 1. Should positions remain open after the March 1 evaluation, applications will be evaluated as received. Applications for Spring admission will be evaluated November 1. Although applications received or completed after these deadlines will be considered, no guarantee can be made that processing will be finished in time for registration. Early applicants will receive first consideration for admission as well as financial aid.

Unless special arrangements have been made with the Department Chair, no student will be allowed to enroll in any graduate psychology course unless he or she has applied for admission and has been accepted into the program. Under no circumstances may students continue in graduate psychology classes beyond the first semester of enrollment without applying to and being accepted into the program.

Applications will be evaluated individually, but the following guidelines are used by members of the Psychology Graduate Admissions Committee in making admission decisions:
1.    Undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.  This degree need not be in psychology, but non-majors can anticipate a substantial amount of leveling work.

Applicants should have completed course work in the following areas of psychology with a grade of C or better: introductory psychology, statistics, learning, research methods, and one or more courses in the clinical area of psychology (e.g., clinical, abnormal, personality).

Note: It may be possible for some of these courses to be completed as leveling work at Midwestern, and in some cases, while the student is enrolled in graduate psychology courses.
2.    Graduate Record Exam: Students must submit current (within five years), official Graduate Record Exam scores. Although Graduate Record Exam scores are not the sole criterion for admission consideration, they are required.

Applicants may be admitted in two categories: unconditional admission or conditional admission. Unconditional admissions indicates that the applicant has been accepted to the degree program and will remain in the program given satisfactory performance. Conditional admissions are infrequently granted by the Psychology Graduate Admissions Committee. Students admitted conditionally are provided specific requirements that must be met during a specified timeframe. Once these conditions are met, students will be unconditionally admitted to the program.

Continued enrollment in the graduate psychology program is dependent upon continuing satisfactory performance in three areas: academic, assistantship (if applicable), and clinical (when applicable) as discussed below.

Students are expected to participate actively in classes and in relevant extracurricular training opportunities, and to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B) or higher. It is further expected that students will receive no more than a single grade lower than a B.

Graduate Assistant performance is evaluated by the student's supervisor. Research Assistants are expected to work reliably with minimal prompting by the supervisor and to perform assigned tasks in a timely and satisfactory manner. Graduate Teaching Assistants are expected to conform to all University and program standards, policies, and procedures in the performance of their teaching duties. Clinical skills are monitored by all clinical faculty members who are in a position to do so. These evaluations include readiness for initial practicum assignment, performance within clinical practicum settings, and observations of behavior outside the practicum.

Deficiencies in any of the three evaluation areas will prompt a General Performance Appraisal of the student, at which time deficiencies will be outlined, corrective actions specified, and a timetable established for completing these corrective actions. Failure to rectify deficiencies in a timely and acceptable manner will result in dismissal from the program.