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Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science Academic Foundations/Core: Catalog 2002-2004

ENGL 1113 Rhet.3
ENGL 1123 Rhet. & Comp.3
HIST 1133 Survey to 18653
HIST 1233 Survey since 18653
POLS 1333 American Government3
POLS 1433 American Government3
Humanities **3
Humanities **3
Fine Arts3
ECON 1333 or 2333 General/Macro3
BIOL 1134 or 11443
Lab Science-Geology, Physics, or Chemistry ***3
Lab Science-Geology, Physics, or Chemistry ***3

*Students earning a BS degree may not count Contemporary Mathematics 1053 towards the math requirement. BS students must take College Algebra 1233 or higher. This differs from the BA degree requirements.

**Students earning a BS degree can count one year of foreign language, Philosophy, or History (1333, 1433, 3133) as meeting the humanities requirement. This differs from the BA degree requirements.

***Both lab sciences must be in the same discipline. Students earning a BS degree may not count Introduction to Chemistry (1102, 1101; 1203). They must take General Chemistry (1143, 1141; 11243, 1241). This differs from the BA degree requirements.


Psychology Major Requirements

ClassCreditAdvanced Hours
PSYC 1103 General Psychology30
PSYC 2203 Human Behavior30
PSYC 3303 Writing in Psychology33
PSYC 3313 Psychological Statistics33
PSYC 3603 Abnormal Psychology or PSYC 4203 Psychology of Personality33
PSYC 3703 Theories of Motivation or PSYC 4003 Learning33
PSYC 4503 Tests & Evaluation or
PSYC 4703 Experimental Psychology
Twelve Advanced Hours
(1) PSYC33
(2) PSYC33
(3) PSYC33
(4) PSYC33

Note: 120 semester hours plus an additional 4 PHED hours (total 124) are required before a B.S. will be conferred. Therefore, an additional 32 hours are required beyond the requirements listed above. Most of the extra hours are used to earn a minor (which is required) or one can take a few more courses and earn a second major (which will replace the minor).

Note: 33 advanced hours are required for a B.S. Advanced hours are defined as being junior level or higher (3000 level). The psychology major provides 27 of those hours. A minor typically provides an additional 12 for a total of 39. Please be aware that this is a different requirement than for the B.A. degree.