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Requirements for the Minor in Philosophy

The philosophy program at Midwestern State University presently serves three broad segments of the student population: first, the general undergraduate population; second, students with interdisciplinary majors and minors; and third, philosophy minors.

All MSU undergraduates are required to complete 3 hours of coursework in Language, Philosophy & Culture as part of the core curriculum.

The Humanities Major requires 36 semester hours of selected humanities and related interdisciplinary coursework (including philosophy courses) and 18-24 hours in a selected field of concentration.

The Humanities Minor requires 18 semester hours: 12 in selected humanities courses (including philosophy) and 6 in history (History 1333, 1433).

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.) with Liberal Arts emphasis requires 36 semester hours of coursework in liberal arts (including philosophy) and social sciences.

The Philosophy Minor requires 18 semester hours of coursework in philosophy consisting of 3 required courses (PHIL 1033, PHIL 2033, and 3 hours of coursework in history of philosophy - PHIL 3033, PHIL 3133, PHIL 3233, PHIL 3333, PHIL 3433, or PHIL 3533 if the topic is historic in nature) plus 3 additional electives of which 2 must be advanced.

Introductory Courses
  • 1033 Introduction to Philosophy
  • 1533 Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills
  • 2033 Ethics
  • 2053 Environmental Philosophy
  • 2103 Health Care Ethics
  • 2133 Political Philosophy
  • 2213 Asian Philosophy and Religion
  • 2223 Feminist Philosophy
  • 2333 Philosophy of Religion
  • 2823 Philosophy of Sex, Love, and Friendship


Advanced Courses

Prerequisites: 3 hours of prior PHIL coursework or permission of coordinator

  • 3033 Ancient Philosophy (Ancient Greek, Hellenistic/Roman, Medieval)
  • 3103 Philosophy of Art
  • 3133 Continental Philosophy
  • 3233 Early Modern Philosophy
  • 3333 Ninteenth-Century Philosophy
  • 3433 Existentialism
  • 3533 Special Topics in Philosophy (repeated with new subject)
  • 4933 Independent Study (3 hours)