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Job Listings

Job Openings for Applicants with Advanced Proficiency in a Foreign Language

It is best to begin to plan your career in your first or second year at MSU, not right before graduation. When you are a freshman or sophomore, make a plan for the internships and study abroad experiences that you will want to add to your resume and visit MSU’s Career Management Center to plan ahead. They can help you to prepare your resume and develop the interviewing skills that you will need for the career fairs that you will be able to attend as a student. It is also wise to speak with someone who already has the career that you want and ask them for their career advice as you plan. Browse the links below to see current job openings.

MSU Graduate Student with Liberty Bell

Jobs in Multiple Fields

Search these links to view jobs in business, media, health care, engineering, and more. Search using terms such as “French”, “German”, “Spanish”, or “bilingual” and your specialty, such as “Marketing” or “Engineering.”

Teaching Positions (K-12)

These positions require a bachelor’s degree with teacher certification.

Teaching Positions (University-level)

These positions require a master’s degree or PhD. Browse these positions to begin with the end in mind.

U.S. Government Jobs

These positions require a bachelor’s degree and taking ILR language proficiency tests and, generally, scoring at least a 3. Search using a language as a keyword.

Translation & Interpretation Positions

These jobs require a high level of proficiency in both source and target languages. You are usually paid to translate into your first language.



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