French Minor and Area of Concentration

Students can pursue a minor or an area of concentration in French at Midwestern.

Both the minor and the area of concentration require students to take four semesters of introductory language courses, French 1134 and 1234 (Elementary French) and French 2133 and 2233 (Intermediate French). 1134 and 2133 are only offered in fall; 1234 and 2233 are only offered in spring. Students may get credit for some or all of these courses with proficiency exams or the CLEP test. (See foreign language homepage for details.)

The French minor requires students to take any four upper-division courses (twelve hours).
 The French area of concentration requires students to take any six upper-division courses (eighteen hours). Students interested in teaching usually must complete the area of concentration. In special cases, students in the fourth semester of French (French 2233) can concurrently enroll in an upper-division class.

Students can receive six credit hours in the one-month intensive language program in France in summer. (See Study Abroad link on French homepage for details.)

All French courses are listed in the course catalogue and at the link on the French homepage page of the foreign language site.