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Spring Distance Booklist

Course NumberCourse NameBookISBN #
RESP 3543-X20Adult Critical CareEgans Fund. Of Respiratory Care 9th Edition9780323036573
RESP 4123-X20Data AnalysisPractical Statistics for Nursing and Health Care0471497169
RESP 4133-X20Dev Leadership in Resp CareLeadership for Health Professionals: Theory, Skills & Applications9781284026887
RESP 4223-X20Education Theory and PracticeHealth Professional as Educator978-0-7637-9278-7
RESP 4233-X20Educational-Admin ConceptsNO TEXT REQUIRED 
RESP 4243-X20Adv Practice ApplicationsNO TEXT REQUIRED 
RESP 4423-X20Research and Respiratory CarePractical Research Planning and Design 10th Edition978013269324-0
  Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th Edition9781433805615