We require a copy of your official immunization records.  If you are current with the immunizations listed, just send us a copy of that record.  If you are not current on these immunizations, you must become current as dictated by law.  Please note that self-declared immunization or immunizations submitted on a questionnaire or a medical physical form cannot be utilized.

When you are on campus, you may go to the Vinson Health Center for these immunizations at a reduced cost.  You may also obtain immunizations at your local public health department at a reduced cost.

Please forward the information to the Department of Respiratory Care at Midwestern State University.

Mandated Immunizations/Regulations



  1. One dose in the last ten years (must have Pertussis component)


Measles/Mumps/Rubeola (2 Options)

You must have 2 doses of measles (rubeola) vaccine, 2 doses of mumps vaccine and 1 dose of rubella vaccine or 2 MMR's or have evidence of immune titers for all three.

Option 1 - Requirement: Students born on or after January 1, 1957:
  1. Two doses of MMR vaccine administered since January 1, 1968, and on or after their first birthday; at least 28 days apart; or
  2. Serologic confirmation of immunity to all three or serologic evidence of infection

Option 2 - Requirement: Students born before January 1, 1957:
  1. One dose of Measles/Mumps/Rubeola vaccine administered on or after first birthday; or
  2. Serologic confirmation of immunity for all three or serologic evidence of infection



  1. Two doses of Varicella vaccine, administered on or after their first birthday; if given after 13 years of age; or
  2. Serologic confirmation of Varicella immunity


Hepatitis B

  1. Complete series of Hepatitis B vaccine (prior to the start of direct patient care); or
  2. Serologic confirmation of immunity to Hepatitis B virus.


Negative T.B./Chest x-ray


  1. Valid documentation of negative T.B. skin test conducted within the last twelve months.
  2. If no TB test has been conducted with the past 12 months, the student will need a test conducted within the past 30 days before the start of the clinical rotation. The TB test should have the date it was applied, date it was read and result in “mm of induration” – if it was totally negative it needs to say “0mm induration”
  3. If they have had a positive TB test we need the date and measurement and a copy of a negative chest x-ray report within the past 5 years.
  4. TB test is required on an annual basis.




      1. Valid documentation of one dose of influenza vaccine during flu season (typically between September to April)


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