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Radiologist Preceptor Information

RA students must have an ABR certified radiologist willing to be a preceptor throughout the RA program.

The Radiologist Preceptors responsibilities include:

  • Teaching and guiding the RA student as he/she develops overall RA clinical skills.
  • Supervising and overseeing all RA student interactions with patients.
  • Teaching, evaluating, and documenting successful completion of the RA Clinical Competencies
    (Required and Elective) as identified by the MSU RA curriculum.
  • Verifying that the RA student has at least twenty four (24) clinical contact hours per week to develop RA clinical skills each semester.
  • Maintain communication with the MSU faculty about the progress of the RA student in the RA program.

Please click here for the Radiologist Preceptor Handbook 

Please click here to see the ARRT required RA Clinical Competencies

Please click here to see the Entry Level Clinical Activities

 Please see the ASRT produced video below featuring previous MSU RA student Shaun Nordeck MSRS RRA RT(R)(CT) and his Preceptor Dr. Cecelia Brewington