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MSU Radiologist Assistant Admission Process

Admission Criteria:

Students may enter the MSRS RA Major either in the Fall Semester or the Spring Semester. 

  • Admission to MSU 

    • Admission to MSU Graduate School – Students must be admitted to MSU as graduate students before they can apply for admission to the MSRS Program. Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores or equivalent must be sent to the MSU Graduate School.

  • Application to the MSRS Program

    • This is a separate process in addition to being admitted to MSU. Students must complete the MSRS application.

    • Students must provide documentation of professional certification. The RA curriculum is based on general diagnostic radiography clinical practice. Applicants must have a working knowledge of general diagnostic radiography procedures. Evidence = Copy of current ARRT card showing certification in RADIOGRAPHY -RT(R)

    • Bachelor's degree from an MSU recognized institution

    • Completion a basic undergraduate research or statistics course (3 semester hours) prior to or concurrent with RADS 5003 Research Methods. MSU offers two undergraduate courses online that will satisfy this requirement: RADS 3503 Research and RADS 4123 Statistics

Admission to the RA major is limited and competitive. Applicants to the Radiologist Assistant major must complete additional admission requirements:
  • Students must be recommended for the program following an interview. Interviews are usually scheduled on MSRS Orientation Days.

  • Students must provide documentation of two (2) years of clinical experience within the previous ten (10) years. Evidence = Letters from Appropriate Employers / Human Resource Departments.

  • BEFORE RA students can participate in any RA Clinical Courses, they must have faculty approval AND meet the following criteria – there are NO exceptions to these requirements. Students can NOT progress through the program without taking the RA Clinical Courses:

    • Students must provide documentation of current American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider status. Evidence = Copy of current ACLS card.

    • Students must clear with MSU Vinson Health Center their compliance with Texas Mandated Immunization.

    • Students must pass a criminal background check and a 10 panel drug test before entry into the clinical environment.
    • Students must provide documentation of the Formal Written Agreement with the Radiologist Preceptor / Group. Although one radiologist will be identified as the preceptor, it is better for students to develop an arrangement with a group of radiologists rather than an individual radiologist. The Preceptor Agreement has to be approved and accepted by the MSU faculty.

    • Students must provide documentation of the Formal Written Agreement with the Clinical Facility. The students, their preceptors, and the clinical facility need to be aware of the variety and quantity of procedures required. The Clinical Facility Agreement has to be approved and accepted by the MSU faculty. 

      Note:  If you are an out-of-state student (residing in a state other than Texas), recent Federal regulations may prohibit you from taking courses from Midwestern State University.  Please contact for verification that your state will allow you to take Texas courses. Failure to follow this procedure could prevent students from continuing to take courses and/or graduating from the Radiologic Sciences programs.