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MSRS Evidence-Based Project

Evidence-based Project

MSRS students preparing for careers in imaging and radiologic sciences administration and education will complete an evidence-based project (EBP) that uniquely focuses on their special interests and career goals. Projects can be completed in a variety of health care and educational settings outside or inside the students’ work environments.

Students are encouraged to work within their current institutions; however, if students choose an external site, they should begin selection of sites near the completion of course prerequisites. Students should be aware development of a new site requires significant evaluation and administrative preparation. Students requesting a non-established site should seek early advisement from the course instructor. External sites generally require contracts to be established between Midwestern State University and the site, which may take anywhere from two weeks to two months to complete.

In the case where students choose an external site, Midwestern State University has established relations with a variety of administrative and educational sites that may be willing to accommodate the students’ objectives. The course instructor grants final approval for site selection and may assign a student to a particular site to ensure achievement of goals and objectives.

For External Site Selection ONLY - EBP Site Preceptor Responsibilities 

For an external site only, students must arrange housing, transportation, and other related expenses during the project. The resident site preceptor will oversee and facilitate the students’ experiences and may offer assistance with local logistics. The site preceptor plays a vital role in the development of objectives and must be in agreement to the prescribed objectives. The preceptor may assign additional activities prior to or during the student’s rotation.

Student EBP Preparation Checklist 

  • All immunization records must be on file with the MSU Vinson Student Health Center. Contact the Vinson Student Health Center at (940) 397.4231 to start the paperwork (for external site selection only).
  • Liability insurance premium must be paid. Select your major and pay by credit card (for external site selection only).
  • The course instructor must approve and obtain the appropriate administrative documentation for the rotation site.
  • The course instructor must approve the objectives (stated in behavioral format with action verbs) prior to the start of the experience.
  • The student must be aware of the evaluation and grading process for the course.
  • The student must be prepared to respond to any special initiatives requested by the site preceptor prior to or during the rotation.
  • The student must understand the site preceptor will provide feedback to the course instructor on the performance and attitude of the student during the rotation.
  • The student must complete all evaluation materials related to the experience (including but not limited to the portfolio) to complete the course.

Portfolio Development Instructions

The EBP experience is designed to allow students to address a problem or opportunity by successfully completing pre-established objectives. Following completion of the project, each student is expected to submit a portfolio that reflects the outcomes of the experience. The portfolio should demonstrate completion of established objectives along with evidence of other activities in which the students were involved. All materials should be submitted electronically and include:

  • Title Page
    • Student’s name, project name and type (administration or education), instructor’s name, and date of submission
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction Statement
    • Purpose of the project or what is significant about the problem
  • Project Objectives
    • List objectives.
    • Why is it important to establish objectives before beginning work on an issue?
  • Discussion about the Value of the Project Objectives
    • How does each objective address the problem?
  • Changes in Objectives
    • Explanation of any changes in the established objectives with documentation of approval of the changes.
      • What were the conditions that caused a change in the established objectives?
    • If there were no changes to objectives, please state “There were no changes.”
  • Evidence of Achievement/Deliverables
    • Provide the deliverables.
    • Explain how each deliverable demonstrates resolution or mitigation of the problem.
    • Students must specifically discuss how their deliverables tie into the objectives.
    • Students must discuss in detail their role in the development or creation of the deliverables.
      • For example: If you revised a policy or procedure, you must include the original and the new one in addition to discussing what you did to change the policy or procedure.
    • Discuss and document the achievement or failure to achieve the established objectives.
  • Reflection on the Learning Experience
    • How has this project influenced your understanding of evidence-based practices?
    • What challenges did you experience in completing this project?
  • Journal
    • Detailed documentation of daily log or journal notes.
      • Dates and times.
      • Specific activities.
      • Any person you worked with (email or verbal conversations).
  • Conclusions
    • Summary of project