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Final Comprehensive Exam

*  The last day for May 2017 graduates to file applications for graduation is February 20, 2017. 

* The last day for August 2017 graduates to file applications for graduation is July 3, 2017.

Please apply for graduation at this site. Application for graduation


Spring 2017 Comprehensive exam dates are:

February 21

March 21

April 18

Final Comprehensive Exam

At the completion of all required didactic course work, the MSRS students are required to take a written comprehensive examination administered through Desire2Learn (D2L).

The MSRS Comprehensive Exam Coordinator must approve the proctor application (see information and the application links below) and the date before the student may take the online exam. 

Students have three hours to complete the exam. The examination is comprised of both objective and subjective type questions with the following 100 point distribution:

10 multiple choice and 2 discussion questions totaling twenty (20) points each for the four core courses (Trends, Legal, Leadership, Research)

5 multiple choice and 1 discussion question totaling ten (10) points each for the required track courses (Curriculum, Education Administration) or (Management, Financial Management) 

Exam results are emailed to students anytime up to three weeks after they take the exam and results are reported as Pass or Not Pass.

If students receive a Not Pass on the examination, they may repeat the examination the following semester. Students are allowed to repeat the examination three times before additional course-work is required. 

The Exam Coordinator will be available by phone and email during the exam time in case there are technical difficulties with the electronic version of the exam. It is better to schedule the exam during normal working hours to be sure that MSU Technical Support will be available. If there are any problems during the exam, the proctor should call the MSRS Comprehensive Exam Coordinator (Toll Free 866-575-4305, Direct 940-397-4679) If the coordinator is not available, contact MSU Technical Support through Desire2Learn (D2L), and send an email to the coordinator explaining what happened. The exam may have to be rescheduled.

Students have two options for completing the final comprehensive examination, on-site and on-line.

On-Line On-Site MSU Exam

Students schedule an appointment with the MSRS Comprehensive Exam Coordinator and the MSU Testing Center to take the examination online at the MSU campus Testing Center (940-397-4676). There is a $15 charge, payable on the exam day at the center, for using this service.

On-Line Exam

The MSRS Comprehensive Exam Coordinator must approve the proctor application before the student may take the online exam. The Exam Coordinator will provide the examination password and other information via email to the proctor several days before the exam date.

MSRS Comprehensive Final Exam Proctor Guidelines

The exam site must have reliable Internet connections and should have at least two Internet browsers available (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,  and Microsoft Explorer). Sites with extensive firewalls and high security mechanisms may not work for testing.  Users must DISABLE POP UP BLOCKERS or configure the computer  to allow specific pop ups for the Desire2Learn (D2L) tests to work. Please test to be sure the system can connect to Desire2Learn (D2L) before requesting a testing site.

High speed connections are more desirable than traditional phone line connections. The site must support an independent phone line in addition to the computer connection so that calls can be made while the student is connected online. The proctor must have moderate computer expertise including the ability and authorization to reboot the remote computer. The student is responsible for any fees proctors charge for their services.

Typically acceptable proctor sites and candidates include:

  • College or University Testing Centers
  • Officials at military base education offices
  • ProctorU testing services (

Even if someone has served as a proctor in previous courses, he or she will not be accepted as a proctor for this exam if he or she does not meet these criteria. Proctor emails will only be sent to commercial or educational email addresses. Proctor approval is at the discretion of the Exam Coordinator.


PROCTOR INFORMATION (click here for .PDF information page) 
PROCTOR APPLICATION FORM  (click here of an application form).