BSN Prelicensure Application Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

1.  Complete the online application for Wilson School of Nursing 

2.  Submit the required documents no later than 3 business days following the close of the application period 

3.  Apply for admission to MSU via the ApplyTexas portal.

When can I apply?

The BSN Prelicensure application for the FALL SEMESTER of each year will be open from February 15th to March 31st. 

The BSN Prelicensure application for the SPRING SEMESTER of each year will be open from July 1st to August 15th.  

I'm already an MSU student - does that mean I'm admitted to the nursing program?

NO. Admission to MSU (whether past, current, or future) doesn't guarantee admission to the Wilson School of Nursing BSN Prelicensure program. 

I'm not currently an MSU student. Can I complete the Wilson School of Nursing BSN Prelicensure application even though I haven't been formally admitted to the university by the application deadline?

YES.  However, you must have, or be qualified for, full admission to Midwestern State University. Complete information regarding application deadlines and requirements can be found on the MWSU Admissions webpage.

I'm attending classes at MSU right now (current semester). Does that make a difference in my application process?

YES.  If you are currently enrolled in classes at MSU, you do not need to apply to the university again.  You will not need to submit your transcripts either. 

Can I go ahead and send my transcripts and HESI A2 scores before I submit my WSON application?

NO. You MUST complete the online application first.  Once you hit "submit" you will receive a confirmation email with document submission instructions.  Please follow the submission guidelines so that we can make sure your documents are connected to the correct application.

How will I submit my documents once I've applied to the WSON BSN Prelicensure program?

Copies of your HESI A2 and unofficial transcripts will be submitted online ONLY.  You will need access to a scanner if they are not already saved in an electronic format.   We will not accept paper copies (mailed or personally delivered) during this application period. 

Do I have to send my transcripts and HESI A2 scores at the same time as I complete the application? What if I haven't taken the HESI before I apply?

NO, you do not have to submit your documents at the same time you apply, but they must be received no later than 3 business days following the close of the application period.  You can apply before you take the HESI as long as we receive the scores by this deadline.  Applications will not be considered complete and ready for admission review until all items have been received.

I need to take the HESI A2 test. Where can I do it - and when?

You can take the HESI A2 at the MSU Testing Center or at any approved testing center.  To schedule an appointment with the MSU Testing Center, please call them at 940-397-4676.  Regardless of where you take it, you will need to send us a copy of the results by the deadline for document submission.

Will I need to send you my official transcripts?

You will not send official transcripts to Wilson School of Nursing, we only need unofficial transcripts.  If you are applying for admission to the university, your official transcripts will be required as part of that process.

I've taken Nursing courses elsewhere. Can I receive credit for them?

Introduction to Nursing and Pathophysiology are in-program courses now and you will not receive transfer credit for taking them at another institution.  You are required to take the at MSU once you are admitted to the BSN Prelicensure program.   If you are applying as a TRANSFER student from another nursing program, your nursing courses may be considered.  Transfer admission requires a letter of good standing from your previous school, along with course syllabi for any courses for which you wish to receive transfer credit. 

Should I go ahead and do my fingerprints/background check once I've applied?

NO.  If you are admitted to Wilson School of Nursing you will receive instructions for your background check as part of your admission acceptance letter.