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Master in Health Administration (MHA) Admissions

The Master in Health Administration (MHA) Degree from Midwestern State University is a comprehensive program for those who aspire to leadership positions in health care.  This exclusive program brings together experienced individuals in health administration and enhances their skills, knowledge and abilities for an increasingly complex health industry.

Admission to the MHA is selective.  Selected students must indicate their full propensity for persistence, rigor and ability to master not only the didactic requirements but also the program’s unique on-campus and Internet format.   Thus, students must have access to a computer with Internet capabilities.

The teaching format is structured to allow students to complete the program in two years while maintaining employment.  Students will find that the program’s intensity is stimulating, challenging, motivating, inspiring and highly rewarding for their career.  Students’ backgrounds are varied, bringing diversity to discussion and application in the field.

A dedicated faculty provide an exceptional teaching, research and community oriented framework for learning.  All members of faculty bring a wealth of experience and education to help apply knowledge to the field.  The Internet periods are adult education oriented, where students and faculty are challenged to bring benchmark cases as well as quantitative analyses to discussion.

Although exceptions are made for those with outstanding backgrounds who would like to start in the spring, most students start in the fall with a cohort of student peers.  In addition to MHA students, other health services administration students take courses in the first year during the fall and spring semesters.  Students no longer are required to visit the campus as our program is completely online and all course work is completed via the Internet.  Each course will consist of a minimum of 36 hours of instruction.

During the summer session, students study three courses that are Internet based. During the summer months the numbers of students begin to decrease per course – the other health services administration students are not required to take summer courses.

The second year of studies is for MHA students only. With a lower number of students per course, the discussion becomes more in-depth rather than the breadth of discussion found in the first year.  Also, students will begin to develop their residency placement and start their file paper that is required by all students.

During the last semester, students must successfully complete all course work including completion of HSAD5163 in a manner consistent with the guidelines for that course. In addition, all MHA students must complete and successfully pass a written comprehensive exam at least one week prior to the last day of class in the semester in which they intend to graduate.

We are pleased with your interest in our MHA program and are here to help you both through the application process and, if selected, through the program.  All faculty are highly accessible as well as staff and administration.

As you anticipate how the program will help you in your career, please find the courses below required for the MHA degree.  Both the semester sequence and courses are provided – total credits are 45.

Graduation Requirements

During the last semester of the program, students must complete a 160 hour residency in the HSAD 5163 course, or make other residency arrangements with the graduate coordinator’s approval. The residency must be at a health organization outside of the student’s worksite. A portfolio and oral examination must be presented by the student indicating a significant project completed at the residency. The portfolio cannot be counted towards the research paper. In rare cases, where a student has already gained substantial administrative experience, they may opt with the department's approval, to enroll in HSAD6003 in place of the residency.  In HSAD6003, the student will be required to complete a significant paper focusing on management issues in health care administration.  All MHA students must complete a research paper following the guidelines given in the graduate catalog. For more details, please refer to the department's website.  All Graduate Certificate students must complete a research paper following the guideline in this catalog.  If the paper is not complete by the end of the HSAD 5163 course, the student must enroll in HSAD 6003 until the paper meets the standards.  All students must complete their courses with a 3.0 GPA.  Upon completion of the paper, students will formally present it and will also coplete an oral comprehensive exam at that time.

Degree Plans