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Student Research

A Meta-Analysis of Biomarkers Associated with the Overtraining Syndrome.

Alissa Donaldson, Frank B. Wyatt, Elise Brown, Tyler Fagan

An Investigation of Expired Gas Influence on the Shape of the Heart Rate Response at Maximal Effort in Cyclists.

Alissa Donaldson, Frank Wyatt, Lon Kilgore

Psychological Markers of the Overtraining Syndrome.

Elise Brown, Frank B. Wyatt, Alissa Donaldson


The influence of aerobic and resistance training on C-Reactive protein expression.

Ashleigh Welter, Jason Winchester


Unilateral vs. Bilateral exercise for improvement in both unilateral and bilateral tasks in Hockey players.

Matt McAndrew, Jason Winchester


The predictive ability for soccer performance of tests designed to evaluate soccer athletes.

Sam Broadbent, Jason Winchester


Caffeine and exercise performance.

Jason Winchester, Michael Wood


A comparison of testing protocols for the prediction of athletic performance and injury - Functional Movements Screen versus traditional strength and power testing.

Shane Cronin, Jason Winchester

Influence of strength on adaptations to plyometric training.

Ryan Brem, Jason Winchester

Influence of load on adaptations from resisted sprint training.

McKane Rogers, Jason Winchester

Strength and power adaptations and their influence on change of direction in American football players.

Frank Bourgeois, Jason Winchester