Honors Courses

At least half of the Honors courses that students take will be variants of core curriculum courses. Upper level Honors courses are offered to complement work in the student’s major but students normally take upper level Honors courses in fields outside of their major. Honors sections are taught by specially chosen faculty who design their courses specifically for the Redwine Honors students. 

Fall 2017 Courses
CRN: 11294 ART-1413-1H1 Art Appreciation Prose C
CRN: 11552 ENGL-2413-1H1 World Literature Lodge K
CRN: 10693 HIST-1133-1H1 Survey of American History to 1865 Kindig E
CRN: 11273 POLS-1333-1H1 American Government Scott J
CRN: 11443 PSYC-1103-1H1 General Psychology Tempelmeyer T
CRN: 11233 SPCH-2423-1H1 Interpersonal Communication Grant S
CRN: 10001 MWSU-1333-1H1 Leadership MSU Lehman-Felts J
CRN: 10002 MWSU-1333-1H2 Leadership MSU Lehman-Felts J