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  • Interact with high achieving students who want the most out of their collegiate experience
  • Housing on the Honors Floor of the McCullough-Trigg residence hall limited to Redwine Honors and PDS students (subject to availability)
  • Honors classes limited in size and to Redwine Honors and PDS students
  • Influence changes to the Redwine Honors Program through participation in the Honors Student Committee
  • Field trips and Honors conferences at the local, regional, and national levels



  • Academic scholarship of $2,000 per semester for up to eight semesters
  • Scholarship support for MSU study abroad programs and undergraduate research
  • Scholarships for Honors students who live in Honors Housing

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants who have been awarded the President's Distinguished Scholarship (PDS) are ineligible to receive   the Redwine Honors Program Scholarship but may still participate in Redwine Honors Program activities, live in Honors   housing, and enroll in Honors courses.



  • Graduates who successfully complete the Redwine Honors Program are recognized on official transcripts, diplomas, and at commencement ceremonies.