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Prothro-Yeager College of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Research



Dr. Kristen Garrison

Professor Garrison's research interests are in rhetorical theory, feminist and disability rhetorics, 19th century American literature and writing center theory and practice. Her recent publications include: "Toward Authentic Dialogue: The Origins of the Fishbowl Method and its Implications for Writing Center Work," "Hard-boiled Rhetoric: The 'Fearless Speech' of Philip Marlow," "The Practical Wisdom of the 'Educated Man's Daughter': Feminist Rhetorical Theory and Woolf's Three Guineas" and "Understanding Learning Disability as Cultural Construct."

Dr. Kirsten Lodge

Professor Lodge's research interests are comparative and world literature, Russian language and literature, Czech language and literature, central and eastern Europe, Romanticism, Symbolism, Decadence, Modernism and nineteenth- and early twentieth-century literature and culture. Her recent publications include: "Decadence and Barbarism in the Czech Lands at the Turn of the Twentieth Century," "Mirrors in Russian Symbolism" and "Russian Decadence in the 1910s: Valery Briusov and the Collapse of Empire."

Dr. Sharon Arnoult

Professor Arnoult's areas of interest are the English Reformation, Tudor-Stuart England, Early Modern Europe and the British Empire. Her recent publications include: "Prayer Book, Polemic and Performance," "Home Schooling: The English Gentlewoman" and "Some Improvement to the Spiritual and Eternal State: Women's Prayers in the Seventeenth-Century Church of England."


Dr. Michael Collins

Professor Collins' research interests are United States History--American West, Texas and the Southwest; Native American Studies; Twentieth Century United States; U.S. Diplomatic history, American Intellectual history and public history. His recent publications include: "Walter Prescott Webb," "The Education of Theodore Roosevelt" and "The Execution of Private Garcia."


Dr. Nathan Jun

Professor Jun’s research interests include: the history and philosophy of anarchism, left-socialism, and left-libertarianism; issues in political normativity; moral and philosophical issues in economics, especially as concerns the concepts of labor, equality, and exploitation; the philosophy of labor and the history of philosophy within radical labor and workers' rights movements; metaphilosophy, and the sociology of philosophies. His recent publications include: "Classic Anarchist Theory and Race" (forthcoming in Summer 2013), "Rethinking the Anarchist Canon: History, Philosophy, and Interpretation" (forthcoming in Spring 2013), "Editors Introduction" to Special Issue on the 2nd North American Anarchist Studies Network and "Towards an Anarchist Film Theory."



Dr. David Carlston

Professor Carlston's research interests are in the areas of father involvement, teaching pedagogy and excessive Internet use. His recent publications include: "Benefits of Student Generated Note Packets: A Preliminary Investigation of SQ3R Implementation" (in press), "Age, Gender, and Ethnicity Effects on Parent-Child Discrepancy Using Identical Measures" and "Preadolescent Male Perceptions of Action Figure Physiques."


Dr. Laura Spiller

Professor Spiller's research interests are in the areas of relationship aggression, particularly sexual coercion in college dating relationships. Her recent publications include: "Perceived Vulnerability of HIV Infection, Prejudice Toward Gay Men, and Sexual Behaviors of Heterosexual College Students," "Abused Women's Experiences of Sexual Aggression and Their Children's Disruptive Behavior Problems," "Assessment of Therapists' Attitudes Toward BDSM" and "Improving Parenting in Families Referred for Child Maltreatment: A Randomized Controlled Trial Examining Effects of Project Support."


Dr. Michael Vandehey

Professor Vandehey's research interests are career counseling and testing, child and adolescent clinical psychology and testing, family therapy and GLBT counseling. His recent publications include: "The Predictive Power of an Introductory Class in Determining Academic Success," "The Effects of External Pressures and Competitiveness on Characteristics of Eating Disorders and Body Dissatisfaction" and "College Cheating: A Twenty-Year Follow-Up and the Addition of an Honor Code.

Dr. Beverly Stiles

Professor Stiles' research interests are gender, family, family violence, sexual minorities, factors influencing HIV noncompliance and disability issues. Her recent publications include: "Assessment of Therapists' Attitudes towards BDSM," Perceived Vulnerability to HIV Infection, Anti-Gay Prejudice, and Sexual Behaviors of Heterosexual College Students" and "BDSM: A Subcultural Analysis of Sacrifices and Delights."