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West College of Education Faculty Research


Education and Reading

Dr. Phillip Jeffrey Blacklock

Professor Blacklock's research interests are school culture, collective learning, shared personal practice, pedagogy and curriculum development. His recent presentations include: "Inquiry-Based Professional Development: Changing Pre-Service Teacher Candidate's Attitudes and Dispositions to Science Teaching," "Testable Questions: Inquiring Minds Want to Know," "5 Dimensions of Professional Learning Communities" and "From Sad to Glad: Improving School Culture."

Dr. SuHua Huang

Professor Huang's academic interests are reading education, reading motivation, reading diagnosis, vocabulary instruction, new literacy-integrated technology, multicultural education/literature and children/adolescent literature. Her recent publications include: "A Systematic Analysis Perspective with Subgroups on Motivation in Taiwan High Schools," "Impact of Online Social Networks on American College Students' Reading Practice" (under review), "Support for Second Grade Students' Vocabulary Development Utilizing Technology" (under review), "The Use of an iPad to Promote Kindergartners' Alphabet Recognition and Letter Sound Correspondence" and "Reading Habits of College Students in USA."
Counseling, Kinesiology and Special Education

Dr. Edward Schultz

Professor Schultz's interests are special education policy, multi-tiered systems of support (including response-to-intervention and positive behavior support) and specific learning disability identification. His recent publications include: "Specific Learning Disability Report:  The Importance of Professional Judgment," "Response to Intervention:  A Secondary Administrator's Prospective" and "Test Accommodations for Students with Disabilities in Statewide Assessments: What We Now Know."

Dr. Patricia Andersen

Professor Anderson's interests are counseling theory, gener psychology and diversity issues. Her recent presentations include: "Advocacy Competencies and Political Savvy," "Super Is Dead!! Long Live the Savickas!!," "Group Work with an Adlerian Twist" and "Counseling Issues for Biracial Children."
Educational Leadership and Technology

Dr. Pamela Whitehouse

Professor Whitehouse's research interests are in the areas of instructional design theory and practice, technology integration, professional development in online environments, situation learning distrivuted learning and cognition. Her recent publications include: "Structuring Video Cases to Foster Future Teacher's Problem-Solving," "Networked Teacher Professional Development: The Case of Globaloria," "Pre-Service Teacher Learning: Pedigogical Content Knowledge in Video-Based Problem Solving" and "Making Teacher Learning Visible."