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FAQs for Current Students

How do I file for graduation?

To graduate, all candidates must pay the graduation fee and file an Application for Degree in the Office of the Registrar. Early application is encouraged to better allow time for a complete records check prior to the enrollment period for your last semester. More information about application deadlines and how to apply for graduation can be found here.


Where can I get more thesis information?

Important information about resources and requirements for completing a Master’s Thesis at MSU can be found here.


How much does a semester of graduate school at MSU cost?

The MSU Business Office offers current information regarding tuition, fees, and rates for both current and future semesters are found here.


What types of financial assistance are offered in the graduate program?

Grants, loans, scholarships, and assistantships are all available at MSU. More information about financial aid can be found here.


What scholarships are available for graduate students?

Scholarships and other financial assistance are available at MSU. To apply for the Graduate Merit Scholarship, download the application here. The application should be completed, including the requested signatures, and turned in to the Office of Graduate School before the May 1st deadline.

Also be sure to contact the graduate coordinator of your department for information about discipline specific scholarships and available positions as a Graduate or Teaching Assistant.

The Arbor Creek Scholarship, courtesy of Maven Management, provides an apartment to a graduate student rent free for an entire year. The application form is found here.

Other scholarship information is found on the Donor Services website.


How many hours do I have to be enrolled in to be considered a full-time student?

Students enrolled in nine hours will be considered full time. However, students in the Family Nurse Practitioner program need only be enrolled in six hours to be considered full time. The maximum course load for a graduate student is 16 semester hours in a fall or spring semester and six semester hours for a summer term.


If I did not attend MSU for one semester, how do I register for classes?

If a student has not attended MSU for one semester and wishes to return they need to fill out a Graduate Student Reactivation form. This applies only to students who have not graduated and are returning to the same program as before. To receive a Graduate Student Reactivation form, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at (940) 397-4920.


How do I register for classes if I have not attended MSU for one year or more?

If you have not attended MSU for one year or more, you must submit a new application along with the $35 application fee. You can complete an application at


Where can I find out more about the Graduate Student Association?

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is an organization on campus that serves as the link between the graduate student body and administration. More information can be found here.



If you have any additional questions, please reference the Graduate Catalog or contact the Office of the Graduate School at (940) 397-4920.