Percussion Ensemble

Percussion ensemble group photo inside Akin auditorium.

The Percussion Ensemble meets both fall and spring semesters and is open to students of all majors with director approval. The ensemble performs concerts both on and off campus throughout the year. Contact Dr. Gordon Hicken for more information.

Spring 2018

  • Shadow Chasers by Michael Burritt
  • Second Thoughts by Evan Chapman
  • Escape Velocity by Dave Hall
  • Shared Space by Ivan Trevino
  • Moonrise by Blake Tyson
  • Denkyem by Joe W. Moore III
  • Overture for Percussion Ensemble by John H. Beck
  • …to flow, away… by Brad Meyer (world premiere)
  • The Floor is Lava by Brian Nozny (world premiere)

Fall 2017

  • Trio Per Uno, Mvt. I, Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic
  • Persistence, Brian Blume
  • Variations on a Ghanian Theme, Daniel Levitan
  • Shake, Josh Gottry
  • Concerto for Marimba and Choir (with Percussion), Mvt. III, Gene Koshinski
  • Sculpture in Wood, Rudiger Pawassar
  • Stubernic, Mark Ford
  • Rainbows, Alice Gomez

Spring 2017

  • Sizzle, Nathan Daughtrey
  • Gravity, Marc Mellits
  • Conga Brasil, Siegfried Fink
  • Fluffy Ruffles, George Hamilton Green, arr. William L. Cahn
  • Second Construction, John Cage
  • Marimba Spiritual, Minoru Miki
  • Cross, Eugene Novotney

Fall 2016

  • Dark Passenger, Andy Harnsberger
  • Gainsborough, Thomas Gauger
  • Dark Full Ride, Julia Wolfe
  • Aria, Emma Lou Diemer, arr. Nathan Daughtrey
  • Hoo-Daiko, Robert J. Damm
  • The Atmos Clock, Brian Nozny
  • Katraterra, Jim Casella
  • Flow, Ivan Trevino
  • Escape, Drew Worden

Spring 2016

  • The Gilded Cage, Susan Powell
  • Parts and Sums, N. Cameron Britt
  • Percussion Music, Michael Colgrass
  • Omphalo Centric Lecture, Nigel Westlake
  • Coin, Brian Nozny
  • Whispers, David Skidmore
  • Wood, Metal, Skin, Josh Gottry
  • Trio in a Rudimental Style, Joseph Tompkins

Fall 2015

  • Rancho Jubilee, Andrew Beall
  • October Mountain, Alan Hovhaness
  • Fanfare for Tambourines, John Alfieri
  • Gradient 2.0, Baljinder Singh Sekhon
  • Music for Pieces of Wood, Steve Reich
  • [It’s Just] Talk, Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays, arr. Steve Houghton/Tom Warrington