State association recognizes mass comm students

Jacklyn York, Yvette Ordoñez, Jim Sernoe, Kristina Abeyta, Nizhoni Terronez and Jonathon Quam

Midwestern State University’s student media won 27 awards at the annual Texas Intercollegiate Press Association competition in Dallas.

The student-produced newspaper The Wichitan was awarded second place for overall excellence, while student-produced yearbook The Wai-Kun won an honorable mention for overall excellence.

Individual students won four first-place awards, five second-place awards, seven third-place awards and eight honorable mentions.

Nizhoni Terronez, junior, won the Frank Buckley Scholarship, awarded by TIPA to four students annually.

Those earning first-place awards in previously produced material included:

  • Zeno Ferguson, yearbook sports action photo;
  • Dylan Hall, Rachel Johnson and Bridget Reilly, newspaper picture story, "Maniacs";
  • Amber Moore-Mentavlos, yearbook cover design; and
  • Yvette Ordonez and Brianna Sheen, newspaper in-depth reporting, "Overwhelmed, sad, worried."

Those earning second-place awards in previously produced material included:

  • Allison Ashcraft and Kara McIntyre, newspaper feature writing, "Signs";
  • Garrett Hutchinson, Kara McIntyre and Brendan Wynne, online breaking news, "Provost resigns";
  • Justin Marquart, newspaper page one design;
  • Justin Marquart, newspaper single subject presentation; and
  • Kara McIntyre, Cooper Miller, Naomi Skinner, Sam Sutton and Jacklyn York, newspaper special section, "Trump Wins!".

Those earning third-place awardsin previously produced material included:

  • Kristina Abeyta, Rachel Johnson and Yvette Ordonez, television news feature story, "Diwali";
  • Courtney Gilder, Cooper Miller, Dylan Pembroke and Yasmin Persaud, television documentary, "The Flow of Change";
  • Justin Marquart, newspaper infographic; and
  • Jeanette Perry, newspaper sports story, "Stomps".

Those earning honorable mention awards in previously produced material included:

  • Justin Marquart, newspaper feature page design;
  • Amber Moore-Mentavlos and Taylor Warren, yearbook title page;
  • Lane Riggs, newspaper sports feature story, "Hotter";
  • Brianna Sheen, newspaper opinion page design; and
  • Taylor Warren, yearbook photo story.

In the on-site competitions, students also received recognition.

  • Yvette Ordonez, third place, television announcing;
  • Nizhoni Terronez, third place, radio sports writing;
  • Nizhoni Terronez, third place, video news package;
  • Kristina Abeyta, honorable mention, television sports writing;
  • Yvette Ordonez, honorable mention, radio announcing; and
  • Jacklyn York, honorable mention, newspaper feature story.

TIPA is a statewide organization of journalism and mass communication programs. Its annual convention/competition attracts about 50 universities and 500 students.