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Speech Courses

SPCH 1133Fundamentals of Speech Communication (TCCNS = SPCH 1315)

Development of skills in speech communication. Preparation and delivery of speeches. Study of nonverbal communication, psychological motivation, and one-to-one communication.

SPCH 1233Voice and Diction (TCCNS = SPCH 1342/DRAM 2336)

Examination of the structure of the vocal apparatus. Analysis of the sound system of the English language. Work on the speaking voice and on General American pronunciation. Emphasis on the International Phonetic Alphabet and on oral practice.

SPCH 2423Interpersonal Communication

Prerequisite: SPCH 1133 or 1233

Introduces interpersonal communication concepts and provides speech interaction in one-to-one and small-group situations.  Explores group dynamics, communication barriers, conflict resolution, decision-making, interpersonal perception, and listening skills.

SPCH 3023Persuasion

Prerequisite: SPCH 1133 or 1233

Advanced study and analysis of persuasive principles with a special emphasis on practical application.

SPCH 4143Independent Study in Speech Communication

Prerequisite(s): SPCH 1133 or 1233, Junior Standing, or consent of the instructor.

Intensive study for the advanced student within a special area of speech communication.  Topics will be selected by the student with the instructor's approval.  May be repeated for credit when topics vary.