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Publication Design


Students taking Publication Design learn how to use layout and design principles to create eye-appealing and readable flyers, posters, brochures, newsletters, and newspapers. Students apply classroom learning to real-world projects.
Fall 2008 students developed promotional materials for their client, the Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra. Working in teams, students executed the following:

  • Prepared interview questions for Executive Director of the WFYSO
  • Met with and interviewed Executive Director
  • Incorporated what they learned from the meeting and other WFYSO materials into thumbnail sketches targeted to the WFYSO audience
  • Presented concepts, rationale, and roughs to the WFYSO board members
  • Incorporated board member feedback into final deliverables: a brochure and a poster

Board members said student presentations exceeded the board’s expectations. The presentations were straightforward and to the point, and the students looked professional and knew their material. Their creativity was “applauded.” Students said they learned a lot about the level of depth and detail required to take the project from start to finish. They liked working on a “real life” project through which they could make a difference and help someone in the community. They also appreciated working together, learning from each other, and learning things that would apply to their future professional work.

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