From Our Alumni

Photo by Rachel Johnson 

"Being in the College of Fine Arts taught me to work with constructive criticism. More so than a right or wrong answer leading to a grade on a paper, but rather understanding specific feedback to make a project better. Being able to take that feedback and apply it, and to later be able to give helpful guidance to others. I also learned how to get along with diverse groups of people and respect their opinions and perspectives. I received a lot of confidence from competing at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Associate and winning — against the big schools. Never did I feel held back by my education from a small state university — quite the opposite. This school allowed me BIG dreams — the opportunity to try and do many things I never would have had the courage to do at a larger institution."

Catherine Davis >> vice president for marketing, Neiman Marcus (Dallas, Texas)
Class of 1989
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"I am thankful for my time in the mass communication department. Everything I have learned has, in one way or another, been applied at my current job. Obviously, working for The Wichitan and taking the news writing classes has played a crucial role in landing a job. However, since I work for a weekly newspaper, it helps having a well-rounded media background. My transition from graduating college to finding a job was fairly smooth. I didn't have any surprises because I was adequately prepared by my professors in the mass communication department."

Adrian McCandless >> reporter and photographer, Alliance Regional Newspapers (Flower Mound, Texas)
Class of 2007


"I sincerely enjoyed my studies at MSU. I felt I had a connection with many of my professors, and all of them were easy to talk to, and it was obvious to me that they knew what they were teaching. Many of my instructors worked in the career field before teaching it, which made a difference in the knowledge I gained. I would definitely recommend the journalism minor to anyone. It definitely made the transition from school to career smooth."

Marissa Millender >> reporter, Times Record News (Wichita Falls, Texas)
Class of 2008


"The hands-on experience and exceptional faculty in the mass communication department at Midwestern State University prepared me for my graduate work and professional career. I am proud to say that I was a part of such a well-rounded college, and I owe so much of where I am today to the hard work each of my professors gave during my time at Midwestern."

Staci Good >> service coordinator, Dallas Cowboys (Arlington, Texas)
Class of 2005


"The Mass Communication classes I attended served me well before and after graduation. At the time, I was focused primarily on journalism and didn't really understand where public relations or voice and diction might play into my future. After twelve years in newspaper I decided a change was in order for my life, and the knowledge I obtained from those classes has helped tremendously. But even during my newspaper career, I was able to put into practice the basics I learned in classes outside of my journalism minor. Overall, I received a well-rounded education."

Julie Gaynor >> director of marketing and public information, Midwestern State University (Wichita Falls, Texas)
Class of 1994


"I think one of the strengths of the department is that each faculty member is approachable. I've spent time in each of their offices, whether I needed help with an assignment or advice about mass communication careers. They've continued helping me even though I graduated. The faculty genuinely care about the students and know each of them by name. Having recently entered the post-college life, I appreciate even more the strict emphasis on punctuality and accuracy."

Brooke Veigl >> copy editor, Times Record News (Wichita Falls, Texas)
Class of 2003


"The Mass Communication department at Midwestern State University gave me the opportunity to experience many of the situations I have faced in my job. The program is very focused on the preparation of future business leaders, and the teachers take the time to give one-on-one assistance to ensure the student grasps the concept. I received more than sufficient training that prepared me once I entered the work force. The transition from college to a full-time job was very smooth for me, and I fit into the workplace well, which is no doubt due to the superior instruction I received while I was a student in the mass communication department at MSU."

Tracy Gibson >> medical adjuster, Farmers Insurance (Grand Prairie, Texas)
Class of 2003


"I do a lot of front-line communication with parents, students, alumni, and high school counselors. I'm constantly having to shift gears and change tones at the drop of a hat because I interact with so many diverse groups of people. It's challenging at times, but that's what this business is about - succeeding in the heat of the moment. I'm glad I had the opportunity to take part in a program where the faculty cared enough about my success to emphasize and implement that concept from day one! If I'm not standing in front of large groups presenting information or answering questions, I'm at the office designing publications to be sent to students and counselors. I feel confident in my work because of the constant practice and experience I got while I was a student in the mass communication department. I graduated with a portfolio full of samples I could show to quantify my skill level and hard work for four years of my life. I definitely knew I had made the right choice when I sat down in my first class."

Mindy Giles >> admissions counselor, Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas)
Class of 2003


"The best thing I ever learned at Midwestern was how to open my mind and think outside the box about media relations. I recall several open forum discussions about free speech and First Amendment rights. I will never forget the energy I felt when I could express my thoughts openly in class. Not many institutions offer a close-knit classroom setting with the ability to allow students to speak openly. I loved the department, and I walked away with a lot more knowledge than I thought I would."

Sara Stallman >> director of Youth Sports, YMCA (Wichita Falls, Texas)
Class of 2001


"The mass communication department gave me early access to the equipment I needed to learn. I received the one-on-one help I needed when I was twenty-one years old and not very focused."

Guy Brown >> Congressional Aide for Bill Sarpalius (Austin, Texas)
Class of 1993


"I sincerely enjoyed my learning experience as a mass communication major. The department provided a well-rounded platform for my future endeavors, academically and beyond. I am extremely appreciative of the concern and interest shown. It was very apparent that my success was important."

Deon Newsom >> educational adviser, University of Texas at Arlington Upward Bound (Arlington, Texas)
Class of 2007