Get Involved!

Students dancing to the Harlem shake on campus. 

In March of 2013, the Midwestern State University chapter of the American Advertising Federation sponsored their version of the Harlem Shake. Click here to watch the video.


GET INVOLVED  >> Across campus, students have the opportunity to get involved in nearly 100 student groups, from academic organizations to religious and faith-based groups to student governance. Being involved on campus allows students to become connected to Midwestern State University, allows them discover their passions and strengths and can better position students for future employment.

“We want students to be responsible human beings who can communicate and who can think, who can work with a group. I don’t think you exclusively learn these skills in the traditional classroom environment,” Matthew Park, associate vice president of  student affairs and dean of students, said in a Wichitan article. “You can learn them through co-curricular experiences as well. It’s a positive thing when students get involved, meaning they find something they are passionate about and interested in, and they pursue it.”

The National Survey of Student Engagement shows that student success is directly linked to student involvement.  According to NSSE, the more involved students are in an institution, the more invested they will be. The higher the student involvement level the higher their grades are and the more likely they are to re-enroll for the next semester. Highly-engaged students are more likely to re-enroll than less-engaged students. 

Within the Department of Mass Communication, three student groups provide students the opportunity to gain real-world and real-time experiences.
  • The Wichitan — The Wichitan is an award-winning newspaper with an active online and social media presence. Staff members — many of whom are NOT majoring in mass communication — report, write stories, take and edit pictures, and sell ads as well as design and produce at least eight pages per week. Student leaders focus on managing a staff of between 20 and 40 students each semester, so opportunities for developing skills in everything from reporting to senior management abound. Each year, the newspaper receives numerous awards in everything from feature writing to investigative reporting. The staff meets every Monday at 5 p.m. in the Fain Fine Arts conference room.
  • MSU TV-2 — Student staff members for Campus Watch produces a  news program covering issues of importance and interest to the student community. Staff members get experience writing, reporting, editing, directing, producing and anchoring the newscast, which can be viewed on a local cable channel as well as online. Staff members have close connections to local news media outlets and often intern there.
  • American Advertising Federation — A professional organization representing more than 40,000 members, AAF has more than 200 college chapters. Members can participate in the national student advertising competition, compete for internships, apply for scholarships and receive chapter recognition. AAF also has an active job bank to help students find employment after graduation.