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Faculty & Staff


  • Dr. Jim Sernoe
    Department Chair and Associate Professor
    (940) 397-4391 ⨠ B110
    With the help of jumbo cups of Diet Mountain Dew, Dr. Jim Sernoe has been chair of the Mass Communication Department since 2004, despite threatening to step down on a weekly basis. Before landing at Midwestern State in 1995, he grew up in Wisconsin, completing bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!). His doctorate in mass communication is from the University of Iowa, although he’s still not sure how a Cheesehead was even admitted to the program (maybe he said “Go Hawkeyes!” enough times?).

    He enjoys his roles as educator (courses include Mass Communication Law, Media Ethics, Editing, and Mass Communication History, among others), administrator (in addition to serving as department chair, he was interim dean of the College of Fine Arts in 2014), academic adviser (“I see your grades in mass comm. classes are really good, but please just pass math this semester, OK?”) and scholar (his research interests include popular music, the First Amendment, mass communication curriculum and the emerging world of crowd-funding for journalists). However, he is often deterred from these roles due to the constant lines outside of his office (typically including students, faculty and the dean, very few of whom show up with Diet Mountain Dew, or any other form of caffeine). In his copious personal time, he is active with the local community theatre and the Wichita Adult Literacy Council, all while drinking as much as Diet Mountain Dew as possible.

  • Dr. Mitzi Lewis
    Associate Professor
    (940) 397-4375 ⨠ B107
    Mitzi Lewis has been teaching in the Mass Communication department since 2008. Before that, she served the Midwestern State University campus through her work as director of MSU's Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment Office.

    Since joining the Mass Communication department, she has received the Midwestern State University Faculty Award and was named the Ginger Rudeseal Carter Miller Teacher of the Year by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Small Programs Interest Group. She also co-founded and is the current design director and production editor of Teaching Journalism and Mass Communication, a peer-reviewed, online, open-access journal focused on teaching journalism and mass communication in small departments. She loves collaboration and has conducted research with students and faculty both in and out of the department. She has presented her research across the United States and internationally.

    Before finding a home in academia, Mitzi worked in the corporate realm, gaining experience that informs her work with students in and out of the classroom. Her corporate adventures include serving as a technical editor for TRW, a trainer for Intel, and a rapporteur for the National Institutes of Health.

    When not in the classroom or conducting research, Mitzi loves to spend time with her husband and dogs, travel, and experience nature—in places so remote that she doesn't even have a connection to email, Facebook, or Twitter. Somehow she survives.

  • Dr. Bradley Wilson
    Assistant Professor and The Wichitan Adviser
    (940) 397-4797 ⨠ B109
    Bradley's first bachelor's degree is in biology. His second is in journalism. His master's is in public administration, as is his doctoral degree. While he enjoys researching the relationship between local media and government—because no one else does—generally he still doesn't know what he wants to do.

    He worked for more than 20 years in pre-hospital healthcare in Texas, New York, and North Carolina on a part-time and volunteer basis, and he has played, directed, and served as a guest soloist in a few community bands.
    Now, he focuses mostly on visual communication, design, and photojournalism and really pushes his friends, students, and coworkers to engage in social media, even if it's more than the selfies he enjoys publishing. He also serves as the editor of the national magazine for the Journalism Education Association, Communication: Journalism Education Today, and as co-managing editor of the magazine of the College Media Association, College Media Review.

    He remains engaged with scholastic media, as those students are the pipeline to top-notch college students. Among numerous scholastic groups for which he serves as a speaker and judge, he remains active in the Association of Texas Photography Instructors, helping with that organization's instructor's workshop and winter conference, among other things.

  • Jonathon Quam
    Assistant Professor
    (940) 397-4849 ⨠ B125
    Jonathon is an assistant professor of media arts in the Mass Communication department at Midwestern State University. He received his Master of Fine Arts in documentary production and theory from the University of North Texas. Over the past six years, Jonathon has taught television, audio, film, and media studies courses at UNT and at Stephen F. Austin State University. In the field, Jonathon has worked on documentary films, in radio stations and newsrooms, and on numerous television shows. He spent two years working for the Southwest's largest production company, AMS Pictures. While at AMS, he logged time as a director of photography, an associate producer, a research analyst, a director, and a development producer, working on established television shows and helping build new ideas.

    Much of his professional work has been focused on the human side of society's most difficult social issues, from the caring environments of LGBTQ churches in the heart of Texas to biographical looks into child abuse. His current documentary takes an observational look at the racial justice movement in Madison, Wisconsin, a city with the widest disparity gap in the country. Jonathon's creative research centers on multimedia production, and his documentaries have screened at film festivals and conferences both nationally and internationally. His recent academic research looks at the topic of ethical documentary filmmaking in an industry that is exploitative by nature.

  • Christopher D'Amico
    (940) 397-4396 ⨠ B104
    Chris D'Amico joined Midwestern State University as a lecturer in Mass Communication in the fall of 2015. He teaches the core foundation courses of Introduction to Mass Communication, Appreciation of Film, and Interpersonal Communication. He is the co-adviser to the People Respecting Identity Diversity for Everyone group at MSU.

    Prior to his appointment at MSU, he was an adjunct-lecturer at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York. There he taught a variety of communication and media courses in the traditional and accelerated programs. He developed a new seminar course for the college, Gender and Communication, which was added to the catalog of course offerings. In the fall of 2012, he joined the adjunct faculty at the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut, and at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. At the University of New Haven, he lectured in Human Communication and received his certificate of completion for the Foundation of Online Teaching and Learning course, which enabled him to create and teach online courses for the Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies program. During his time at Fairfield University, he taught a variety of communication courses and was involved in the LGBTQ "Safe Zone" training program, was a community associate for the First-Year Experience Program, and was a mentor in the Creative Life Residential College.

    D'Amico's graduate work and research focused on Gender, Sexuality, and Communication. His master's thesis was titled "The Fantastic Four: The Evolution and Development of the Homosexual Character in U.S. Television." D'Amico is continuing his research on gender, sexuality, and media. He is a member of the National Communication Association.

    He lives by three mottos. The first, offered by theorists Watzlawick, Beavin, and Jackson, states, "One cannot, not communicate." The father of Mass Media, Marshal McLuhan, once said, "The medium is the message." Lastly, Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, "This above all: To thine own self be true."

  • Liz Minden
    (940) 397-4398 ⨠ B108

  • Sandra Grant
    (940) 397-4298 ⨠ B111

  • Judy Braddy
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  • Annette Bever

  • Kory Dorman

  • Lisa Moore
    MSU2 Director
    (940) 397-4394 ⨠ C102
    Lisa Moore wants to live in a world where she can channel her inner Snow White, sing a few notes and have adorable furry creatures magically clean her house.  A world where love is not looked upon with cynicism and my three boys will finally realize jokes involving certain bodily functions are, in fact, not funny.When she’s not busy saving students from a Homer Simpson inspired nuclear meltdown, you can find her perusing the bookstore for a new historical fiction novel, watching obscene amounts of HGTV without an ounce of shame and continuously retracing her steps to discover how she arrived home with only two out of three kids.

    As a mass communication graduate, former producer for local CBS affiliate, KAUZ, and MSU’s current TV-2 director, she’s been applauded for her ability to organize the chaotic, inspire the disillusioned and tireless pursuit of perfection.
  • Jessica Hulett
    (940) 397-4670 ⨠ B128