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  • To graduate competent artists, designers, and scholars to enter a career in the visual arts and design or to pursue further educational experiences.  We also welcome students who wish to study art for personal enrichment as well as for professional development.
  • To graduate artists, designers, and scholars who have developed multicultural awareness and a global perspective through the study of historical and contemporary artistic and cultural achievements, and who remain respectfully sensitive to cultural difference.
  • To graduate artists, designers, and scholars well versed in the liberal arts and sciences who are critical thinkers and effective communicators, reflective and engaged about the meaning of art in their life, their work, and their community throughout their lives.
  • To serve, through The Juanita and Ralph Harvey School of Visual Arts, The Juanita Harvey Art Gallery, and O'Donnell Visiting Artist Program, as a visual art center and resource for art majors, all university students, faculty, staff, as well as the community and region.




  • To provide, equip, continually improve, and maintain a functional, spacious, safe, and up-to-date working environment that promotes active learning and excellence in the study of visual arts and related fields.
  • To provide excellent programming that is commensurate with and responsive to contemporary practices in the visual arts while emphasizing the importance of history and tradition.
  • To provide courses and opportunities for all MSU students and community members, in order to develop greater cultural understanding and aesthetic appreciation of art throughout history and across the globe.
  • To provide curricular and co-curricular opportunities for productive collaboration and teamwork.
  • To facilitate the outstanding achievement of every student, to help each to attain their goals, and to aid them in their development.
  • To hire and maintain qualified faculty who demonstrate excellence in teaching, research and service.
  • To maintain a student-teacher ratio that conforms to the standards of NASAD, CAA, TASA, and COPLAC.
  • To foster an environment that values human diversity.
  • To promote the use of existing and emerging technologies to achieve the department’s mission.
  • To present to the university community and general public the highest quality art exhibitions, lectures, and workshops and to participate in the continued development of the university’s permanent art collections.