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Drawing Courses

ART 1313: Drawing I
Drawing a variety of subjects in both wet and dry media with emphasis on black and white visual organization and expression.

ART 1323: Drawing II
Prequisite: ART 1313.
Continuation of 1313 with emphasis on color drawing media and development through both individual and group projects.

ART 3213: Drawing III
Prerequisite: ART 1323 or consent of instructor.
Emphasis on advanced pictorial attitudes and mixed media production through prolonged drawing problems.

ART 4213: Drawing IV
Prerequisite: ART 1323 or consent of instructor.
The development of personal attitudes towards drawing. Designed to deal with problems and concepts.

ART 4223: Drawing V
Prerequisite: ART 4213 or consent of instructor.
Continuation of ART 4213.

Drawing Program Faculty
Professor:  Catherine Prose
Drawing I
Phone:  (940) 397-4304

Assistant Professor:  Jason Bly
Drawing I, II, III, IV, V
Phone:  (940) 397-4385