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Students in the ceramics program receive individualized instruction in both wheel thrown and hand-built ceramic construction in a well equipped 4,000 square foot studio.

Equipment available to students:

  • Three large electric kilns
  • Two smaller electric kilns
  • Large Brent slab roller
  • Two extruders
  • Three pugmills
  • Soldner mixer
  • Separate well equipped glaze room
  • Two station spray booth
  • Materials and clay mixing/storage room
  • 18 electric wheels
  • One wheelchair accessible wheel

The program also offers experiences in oxidation, reduction, wood, raku, and soda firing processes.
A 5,000 square foot “covered” kiln yard furnished with the following:

  • Two 40 cubic foot Geil car kilns
  • A 30 cubic foot “fast fire” wood kiln
  • Two older updraft kilns
  • A 30 cubic foot downdraft soda kiln
  • A 3 cubic foot cone 10 test kiln
  • A raku kiln


ART 2613: Ceramics I

Prerequisites: ART 1113, 1123, 1323 or consent of instructor.

Basic studio practices in handbuilding or wheelthrowing skills and design with an introduction to techniques in decoration and glaze application.

ART 3603: Ceramics II

Prerequisite: ART 2613 or consent of instructor.

Intermediate studio problems in handbulding and throwing techniques and design with instruction in glazing and firing.

ART 3613: Ceramics III

Prerequisite: ART 3603 or consent of instructor.

Selected studio problems in handbuilding and throwing techniques with emphasis on combining the two techniques. An understanding of ceramic raw materials and basic glaze will be developed.

ART 4603: Ceramics IV

Prerequisite: ART 3613 or consent of instructor.

Advanced individual problems in clay construction and design with an emphasis on the development of personal direction. problems in non-utilitarian forms with consideration for the technical problems inherent to the process and materials selected by the students.

ART 4613: Ceramics V

Prerequisite: ART 4603 or consent of instructor.

Advanced individual problems in clay construction and design with further emphasis on the development of a personal direction stressing production of works suitable for use in the Senior Exhibition. May be repeated for credit.

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