Employer Procedures

Are you a business or organization wanting to participate in the Dillard College of Business Administration’s Internship Program? We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Employers are required to post the internship opportunity using the Handshake platform which is accessible through www.MustangsHire.org. Here are some guidelines for posting the position:

  • The employer needs to complete the registration process at www.MustangsHire.org (which takes you to the Handshake site). Employers previously approved by the Career Management Center may skip this step.

  • Once approved by the MSU Career Management Center as an employer on Handshake, the employer can create an internship job posting with a detailed description of the internship opportunity.
    1. Job Title: Please begin the job title with the identifier “DCOBA Internship.” (For example:  “DCOBA Internship: Information Systems,” or “DCOBA Internship: Finance,” or “DCOBA Internship: Non-Profit Marketing”) If not labeled correctly, the internship may be overlooked.

    2. Job Type: Internship

    3. Duration: Temporary/Seasonal

    4. Work Study Job: No

    5. All other portions of internship position posting are made according to employer preference. The Internship Coordinator can provide sample job descriptions upon request.

    6. Nature of qualifying work: The internship experience must be related to the student’s major within the Dillard College of Business. Moreover, the work experience shall be equivalent to the type(s) of entry-level or professional work relevant to a Midwestern State University graduate. There is a presumption the student will have completed a sufficient amount of upper level business program coursework upon which the internship is based.

  • The employer may notify the Internship Coordinator (jenny.schroeder@mwsu.edu) that it has created an internship posting to expedite the academic evaluation of the internship.

  • The opportunity is reviewed by the department chair of the business major(s) to which the experience relates. If approved, the internship opportunity goes live on Handshake.

Business students qualified to participate in the internship program may review and apply for the internships listed on www.MustangsHIRE.org/Handshake.  The employer receives student applications via email and then arranges an interview with studentsThe employer may choose to offer the internship to a student applicant.

If selected for the internship, the student will attend an orientation session with the faculty advisor who will oversee the internship experience.  The student can register for the internship course and then begin the internship experience.   

On or before the first week in which the internship experience is to commence, the faculty advisor who oversees the internship experience will have the student and employer execute a learning objectives agreement.  As a part of the assessment of the internship’s success, these learning objectives are reviewed by the participants at the conclusion of the internship.  Also, as a part of the quality assurance of the program, evaluations are completed by the employer, student, and faculty advisor.  These evaluations are submitted to the internship coordinator who reviews and analyzes them for continuous improvement purposes.

When offering internships, employers should follow the guidelines provided by the:
U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Non-paid internships must meet the:
U.S. Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division Fact Sheet #71


*A note about compensation for internships:  Some employers may choose to offer a tuition scholarship to a student in lieu of an hourly wage or direct stipend. In this case, scholarship arrangements need to be made with Donor Services and Scholarships. The specific contact is Laura Peterson, Director, laura.peterson@mwsu.edu.