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Master of Business Administration



The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program was created by the graduate faculty within the Dillard College of Business Administration. All substantive changes, deletions, and additions to the rules and guidelines concerning admission to, participation in, and graduation from the MBA Program are approved by the graduate faculty before they are implemented by the Graduate Coordinator.


The mission of the MBA Program at MSU is to: (1) qualify individuals for professional positions within the rapidly changing business world, (2) prepare students to assume positions of leadership within a wide variety of organizations, and (3) provide the foundation in business administration for those individuals who want to pursue advanced academic studies in business administration.

To attain its mission, the graduate faculty within the Dillard College of Business Administration believes that the MBA Program must lead to the achievement of the following objectives. Each graduate student, in pursuing an MBA degree at MSU, must

     1. know how to use team building and collaboration to achieve group objectives
     2. gain a broad understanding of the functional areas of a business entity
     3. be able to communicate effectively through both written and oral means
     4. develop analytical and critical thinking skills beyond those exhibited for students at
         the bachelor’s level
     5. have the capacity to adapt his/her knowledge to new and unfamiliar circumstances.


The Dillard College of Business Administration is accredited by the Association to Advance College Schools of Business, International (AACSB, International).
National business accreditation has several benefits to the business student:

     1. Each student will receive a professional education in business administration which 
         is relevant and of high quality.
     2. The programs of business education at MSU are fundamentally similar to those
         received at other accredited institutions in the United States.
     3. When recruiting and hiring business students, companies look favorably on
         graduates from accredited business programs.