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Master of Business Administration


The common body of knowledge (CBK) represents the minimum core of knowledge which must be attained prior to beginning graduate study in business. The CBK is composed of 27 semester hours of undergraduate course work representing each of the major business disciplines. The required CBK courses are listed below.

 ACCT 2143Financial Accounting3 hrs.
 ACCT 2243Managerial Accounting 3 hrs.
 BUAD 3033Business and Economic Statistics3 hrs.
 ECON 2333Macroeconomics3 hrs.
 ECON 2433Microeconomics3 hrs.
 FINC 3733Business Finance3 hrs.
 MGMT 3013Organizational Behavior3 hrs.
 MIS 3003Management Information Systems 3 hrs.
 MKTG 3723Principles of Marketing3 hrs.

In most cases, students who have earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration will have satisfied the entire CBK. Students who have had no previous course work in business can have portions of the CBK waived with other previous course work and/or relevant work experience or by equivalency testing. The specific CBK courses required will be determined by the Graduate Coordinator and discussed with each student in an initial




The total number of semester hours of course work required to earn the MBA degree depends on the undergraduate background of each MBA student. All students entering the MBA Program must:

     1. Satisfy the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) requirement before beginning
         graduate level course work, and
     2. Complete the MBA core course work specified for the MBA program.


Once the CBK requirement has been satisfied, the graduate student may begin taking the graduate level core courses required for the MBA degree.


Each student will take 8 required graduate courses (24 semester hours) plus 3 graduate electives
(9 semester hours) for a total of 33 semester hours.

ACCT 5213 Cost Analysis and Control 3 hrs.
BUAD 5603 Advanced Applied Business Statistics 3 hrs.
ECON 5113 Managerial Economics or ECON 5143 Macroeconomics 3 hrs.
FINC 5713 Financial Administration 3 hrs.
MGMT 5443 Current Issues in Organizational Behavior 3 hrs.
MGMT 6883 Graduate Seminar in Business Policy 3 hrs.
MIS  5113 Information Technology Management 3 hrs.
MKTG 5513 Graduate Seminar in Marketing 3 hrs.
   Approved Graduate Level Electives* 9 hrs.

Total 33 hrs.          

*Note: Students completing a thesis will take BUAD 6983, 6993, and one graduate elective course for a total of 9 hrs.