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 What is the STAR Lab?

Funded generously by Ms. Kay Dillard, the Dillard College of Business Administration’s Security Trading and Research Lab, or the Dillard STAR Lab, creates a simulated trading floor where students gain experience in the fast-paced world of securities trading and research. The Lab is equipped with 23 networked workstations, of which 9 are Bloomberg terminals, to gives students significant on-the-job-style training. In addition, the Lab features a full-color LED ticker and an interactive portal of financial information from Rise Display. Students use the lab to manage the College's investment portfolio. Through the Bloomberg terminals, the STAR Lab also provides faculty and students access to financial and economic data for research.


  1. Applicants should have a "B" or above from Investment (FINC4733).
  2. Once admitted, students need to register for Student Managed Investment Fund (FINC 4933).
  3. The Student Managed Investment Fund is a two-semester commitment with a total of 6 credit hours.


Student Managed Investment Fund Application Form

Student Manager Application Procedure


For more information, please contact:
Dr. Adam Lei, 940-397-4403 |
Dr. Qian Li, 940-397-4711 |