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What is Spirit Days? 
Spirit Days is a unique summer orientation event designed specifically for entering undergraduates. Participants become familiar with the MSU campus, meet fellow classmates, receive important information and participate in activities specifically prepared for new students.

How do you get invited to Spirit Days?
All entering undergraduate students (including transfers) for the Fall and Summer II 2014 term have been fully accepted for admission, and are either TSI exempt or have complete TSI Assessment scores on file will receive an invitational postcard to attend Spirit Days.  Postcards are mailed starting in April.

Can parents attend Spirit Days?
There is a series of presentations especially for parents during Spirit Days (the two-day events). Any parents/guests attending Spirit Days should register ($50) for Spirit Days at the same time as their new student. Parents who have not previously had a student at MSU are strongly encouraged to attend.

What if I live in Wichita Falls? Do I have to stay overnight for Spirit Days?
All Spirit Days student attendees are highly encouraged to stay the night. It is an important part of the program which fosters student interaction and corrections. Should a student (attending a two-day event) decide not to stay overnight, he/she is responsible for attending all programs on Sunday through 10:00pm and returning Monday to join his/her student group at 7:30am. Students who depart early or arrive late on Monday when rejoining their group will not satisfy the requirement for orientation. Overnight students need to bring their own linens (sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, etc).

**NEW: There will be a new one-day Spirit Day offered for local students this year. This will be a perfect blend of the enriched experience of the two-day event without the overnight stay.

I’m a transfer student. Am I required to attend Spirit Days?
All new students are required to participate in either a Spirit Days session or Fall Orientation. There are two special Spirit Days events for students who have already completed one full year of college (25 credit hours or more). Eligible new students will receive a separate invitation beginning in April to Spirit Days Transfer Days.

I’m a Non-Traditional student. What are my options?
There will be a special track for non-traditional students with 25 or less hours during Transfer Day on July 23. By definition, a non-traditional student includes one or more of the following:

• 21 years of age or older
• Married, divorced or widowed
• Have parental, guardian, or caretaker responsibilities
• At least 6 months active duty in the military or listed as a veteran The link to register will open in April. All other eligible students may attend traditional Spirit Days or regular Fall Orientation.

I’m a international student, and I won’t be in the U.S. until after all the Spirit Days events have passed. Do I have to wait for Fall Orientation?
International Services and Student Development & Orientation work together to sponsor a special Spirit Days event for our international students. Registration for the event is coordinated through International Services, and students will be advised and register classes before the event.

How much is Spirit Days?
• Students $105 (the fee covers the cost of supplies, meals, on-campus housing, etc.)
• Parents/Guests $50 (includes meals and supplies, no on campus-housing) o Off-campus housing information is on the Spirit Days website and in the confirmation packet.
• *Transfer Day Student $50 (includes meals and supplies)
• *Transfer Day Parent/Guest: $25 (includes meals and supplies)
• *Spirit Day – Local $75
• Children 12 and under are free

Do we provide housing for parents/guests?
No, check out the accommodations link on the Spirit Days website for local hotels and rates. The Spirit Days website can be found at

Can I room with my friend who is also attending Spirit Days?
Yes, but you both need to put it as a special request when you register for Spirit Days. Same gender only.

How do I pay for Spirit Days?
Online with credit card or webcheck using U-Pay after online registration. Check/Money order enclosed with mail-in Registration Form, or with credit card information written on Registration Form or taken over the phone if a Registration Form is filled out over the phone.

Is there a deadline for signing up for Spirit Days? Yes. Spirit Days deadlines are ten days prior to the event, and Transfer Days are five days prior. Students who register after the deadline must do so over the phone, as there will be a $20 late fee assessed (for the student’s registration only). Absolute cut-offs will be the Thursday before Spirit Days, and the Monday before Transfer Day.

How do I register for Spirit Days?

The link for registration will be open in April. Students can also mail in a Registration Form printed from the Spirit Days webpage that is linked to the e-registration page. A credit card payment or webcheck is required when doing online registration (Master Card, Visa, Discover).

Why should I attend Spirit Days instead of Fall Orientation?
Spirit Days is part of an early orientation and registration program for entering undergraduates at Midwestern State University.
• Early Registration: Attendance at Spirit Days is a requirement for students participating in the optional early advising and registration program. Students who have not registered before their Spirit Days event will be able to do so at Spirit Days.
• Campus Connections: Receive information from dedicated faculty and interact with student leaders and student affairs professionals.
• New Opportunities: Explore a variety of options to meet new people, join exciting organizations, develop leadership skills, and much more!
• The Upper Hand: Learn about MSU traditions, upcoming events, and develop a keen sense of campus knowledge and awareness.
• Family Support: Aside from the student track, a separate program is tailored for parents, guardians, and guests. • Keys to Success: It’s a proven fact that students who attend Spirit Days have higher first semester grade point averages than those who did not attend.

How do I participate in the early registration advising?
Advising is an essential part of good academic planning at MSU. You will see your advisor every semester. Beginning April 21, new students are eligible to see their advisor and register for classes. Most first year students will be seen in the Mustangs Advising Center (The MAC) or in a professional college. After the first year, you will be advised by your major department. Go to for more information. Attendance at Spirit Days is a requirement for students participating in the optional early advising and registration program.

What if I cannot stay the whole time at a session? What if I can’t attend a Spirit Days session?
If you register for Spirit Days you are expected to be there from 11am Sunday through 5pm Monday – if you cannot meet those expectations then you will need to come to Fall Orientation in August.

When do classes begin for the fall semester?
For most first year students, classes begin Monday, August 25. Some graduate and upper level classes may begin on Saturday, August 23.

When is tuition due?
Students who attend Spirit Days are eligible to register for courses during the early registration period. Tuition for early registration is due Friday, August 15.

When should I plan to move to Wichita Falls for fall semester 2014?
University housing opens on Tuesday, August 19 at 12:00pm.  Students  can check in anytime after that point.  Those students not attending Spirit Days will be required to attend New Student Orientation on their assigned day, either Wednesday, August 20 or Thursday, August 21.  Spirit Days attendees do not need to move into their assigned room until later in the week, with the preferred day being Friday since Stampede Week activities begin Friday, August 22. 

Where do we go for the Spirit Day?  Where do we park when we get to campus?
Check-in for Spirit Day is located in the Clark Student Center Atrium.  For driving directions to Wichita Falls and the Clark Student Center, visit the Maps section of our website.