Test Scores



Official TOEFL, IELTS or ITEP scores must be sent directly to Office of International Services (where required). The minimum acceptable score is 79 TOEFL; 6.0 IELTS; 4.9 ITEP. Midwestern State University score reporting number is 6408.



These tests may be required for undergraduate admission unless the applicant has successfully completed at least 18 credit hours at the college level.

Minimum SAT score is a combination of 1000 on the Reading and Mathematics section.

Minimum ACT score of 21 is required.


TSI Assessment Test

Students who are admitted to MSU must take the TSI assessment test before they enroll in classes, unless exempt. This test will be given on your arrival. Therefore, it is CRITICAL that you comply with the deadline dates for arrival.

Click here for more information on TSI.