Interfraternity Council Recruitment

Fraternity recruitment is the process by which interested individuals have the opportunity to attend events sponsored by the fraternities. They will have a chance to meet and interact with the brothers and learn about the fraternity. Though Formal Recruitment Period occurs every Fall, there are opportunities to join a fraternity outside of this designated recruitment period.

IFC Chapters

 The Coat of ArmsKappaSigmaCrest-AEKDB.gifPSKCrest gif75.pngSaecoat.pngCoat of armsThe official coat of arms of Tau Kappa Epsilon
 Kappa Alpha OrderKappa SigmaPhi Sigma KappaSigma Alpha EpsilonSigma NuTau Kappa Epsilon
FoundedDecember 21, 1865
Washington College
December 10, 1869
University of Virginia
March 15, 1873
Massachusetts Agricultural College
March 9, 1856
University of Alabama
January 1, 1869
Virginia Military Institute
January 10, 1899
Illinois Wesleyan University
ColorsCrimson & Old GoldScarlet, White & Emerald GreenCardinal Red & SilverRoyal Purple & Old GoldBlack, White & GoldCrimson Cherry & Silver Gray