MSU Cheerleader Tryouts

Coed - (Sample Agenda):

Location and Dates: Late Spring 2015
Wear Sports Bra, black spanks, bow for tryouts and t-shirt.

Required Skills:

Tumbling (Standing and Running)
Jumps (at least level)
Stunts (Group, Coed, Two-Man)


Standing Tuck
Round Off Back Hand Spring Back/ Layout/ Full
Alternate Passes
Standing two to back/ layout

Group Stunts:

Full Up
Full Around
Switch ups
Back hand spring up/ Rewinds
Double down

Partner Stunts:

Toss hands/ Shoulders
Toss Target

Coed and Group Stunt Flyers:

Lib, Arabesque, Heel Stretch (Over Stretch), Scorpion, scale
Toss hands/target


Toe-touch, Kick Double, Tuck, X-out, Full, Double Full

All-Girl - (Sample Agenda):

Location and dates TBD
Wear sports bra, black shorts, bow for tryouts and tshirt.


Cheer or Dance Experience
Sharp Motions
Level Jumps
Ability to lead a crowd


Stunt experience: Prep, extension, lib
Tumbling: Back Handspring
Jumps: Toe Touch, Pike, Hurdler