Staff Senate Suggestion Box

The Staff Senate Suggestion Box is an opportunity for staff members to express a suggestion or idea concerning MSU they feel would be beneficial to the University.

If any staff members are interested in contacting their Staff Senate representatives directly, a list of members, their EEO class and e-mail link is available on the "Members" page.
 To submit a suggestion, simply click on the button below.  While the suggestion box can be anonymous, please understand that if there are any questions from the Staff Senate related to the subject or content of a message, without any contact information the senate will be unable to seek clarification.

Click Here

Please submit a separate suggestion for each individual item and title them accordingly.

Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas and suggestions.  The Staff Senate values your input!

The Staff Senate reads all suggestions at a subsequent monthly meeting and responds accordingly.  Suggestions and their respective responses are included as part of the minutes from each meeting.

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