You Make A Difference

Working at Midwestern State University is a team effort. Every job requires that we help one another to best serve our students. There are times when someone goes the extra mile, helps make your job a little easier, or does something they just didn’t have to do.

Now you can recognize a fellow colleague for making a difference at MSU! Click the link to tell us about who made your day and we’ll recognize them by posting accolades below, sending the recipient an email and certificate, as well as pass your praise on to the supervisor.


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April 2014


Service with a Smile! 
Kimberly Long
Office of the Registrar

 Kim has many responsibilities in the Registrar's Office including being the VA Representative. She assists the students with a smile on her face each and every day. In addition to her job duties, Kim is always willing to help others in the office. She has a positive attitude and is an asset to the Registrar's Team.

--Linda Knox--


Dedication and Expertise!
Jesse Johnson
Information Systems

The Testing Center needed to upgrade all of our systems to meet the requirements for 10+ companies that we test for by April 1, 2014. We made a call to Jim Hall who in turn had us submit a work order to do this work. He gave this work order to Jesse to perform all of the extensive review and audit of all our computers and software inquires from various companies we test with in our lab! Jesse spent countless hours over a couple of weeks to audit, uninstall and re-install all of the software and programs we would be needing to comply with the various companies for testing. He worked diligently and effortlessly to complete the task on the first one. Left it for us to do trial runs on to ensure everything worked. He then came and spent an entire afternoon with me to wipe all of the others out, re-image them twice and then upgrade all 7 of them. He worked through all of the requirements and had us up and running before we closed @ 5 pm that afternoon!

Jesse, You Make The Difference, everyday with your skills, knowledge, patience and work ethic! We commend you!

-- Sheila Barrett --