You Make A Difference


Working at Midwestern State University is a team effort. Every job requires that we help one another to best serve our students. There are times when someone goes the extra mile, helps make your job a little easier, or does something they just didn’t have to do.

Now you can recognize a fellow colleague for making a difference at MSU! Click the link below to tell us about who made your day and we’ll recognize them by posting accolades below, sending the recipient an email and certificate, as well as pass your praise on to the supervisor.


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You Make a Difference - January 2015

Jennifer Dunn
Business Office

Dr. Rogers and I attended a luncheon at another university and happened to be seated with parents of one of our MSU students. The mother of the student followed up with the following e-mail and I wanted to share the kind words about Jennifer and the job she does. Obviously she is Making a Difference:

"I wanted to give you the name of Jennifer Dunn in your Business Office who is our contact when it comes to getting each semester paid for! The Texas Tomorrow Fund has given us a few challenges, but Jennifer has been our lifeline! She has an upbeat and compassionate personality, and always gets everything resolved! She willingly explains the situation to our son when he comes to her, feeling certain that he will be expelled for payment mix-ups! I wanted you and President Rogers to know that Jennifer is a fabulous front-line representative of the university!"

- Debbie Barrow, on behalf of the parent of a student