Transcripts - How to Order

1.  How to Order

We must have a written request from the student:

a.) There is a form at the Registrar's Office, or
b.) You may print off a TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM and mail it to our office, or
c.) You may fax us a signed request at (940) 397-4672.
d.) If you need your transcript faxed (unofficial) or sent overnight to the destination, you must complete the online payment process mentioned below under Cost. 

Sorry, e-mail requests not accepted.

2.  What information you need to include:

Full Name (including all previous names)
Social Security Number and/or MSU ID Number
Date of Birth
Approximate Dates of Attendance
Current Address and Phone Number
Complete Address of where the transcript is to be sent

3.  How Do I Get My Transcript?

You may pick up your transcript, have it mailed, or have it faxed (all faxed copies are considered unofficial).

4.  Cost:

Transcripts which are picked up or mailed standard U.S. mail are provided at no cost. (Note: There is a limit of 10 transcripts per request on a given day.)
However, if you need your transcript faxed or sent overnight to the destination, the flat-rate costs are as follows:

- Faxing to a U.S. domestic number at a flat rate of $10. (unofficial copy)
- Faxing to an international number at a flat rate of $20. (unofficial copy)
- Overnight mail to a U.S. domestic address at a flat rate of $30.
- Overnight mail to an international address at a flat rate of $50.

Click here to complete the online payment process, which must be made at the time of the request.  (The submission of payment will not be considered until the Transcript Request form is received in the Registrar's Office.) 

5.  Processing Time:

It normally takes 2 days for us to process your request. For emergency situations, we can process it overnight. In peak periods, it may take 3 - 4 days.

6.  Send the Signed Requests to:

Midwestern State University
Office of the Registrar
3410 Taft Boulevard
Wichita Falls, TX 76308-2099

7.  For Additional Questions:

Please call (940) 397-4321 or e-mail the Registrar's Office at


Click Here to Fill Out a Transcript Request Form