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Graduating Soon?

 Go to:  http://www.mwsu.edu/registrar/applygraduation/applydegree

The deadline to apply for August 2014 graduation is July 7, 2014.
The deadline to apply for December 2014 graduation is September 29, 2014.
The early deadline to apply for May 2015 graduation is October 6, 2014.
The final deadline to apply for May 2015 graduation is February 16, 2015.


WebWorldRegistration, grades, etc. (available for registration as listed in each schedule of classes and for general use during most hours.)  (NOTE:  Only single-click inside WebWorld.  Double-clicking may cause the session to expire.)

Click here to enter WebWorld through the MSU Portal


New Student OrientationAll new undergraduate students must attend an orientation session prior to enrollment.  Please visit the Student Development and Orientation website for more information and to send your online RSVP.
Student Consumer InformationClick here for information (PDF document).


The deadline to apply for December 2013 graduation is October 7, 2013.