Public Access Computer Lab Daily Operating Procedures for Lab Assistants

Opening Procedure
  • BEFORE ENTERING THE LAB, If the lab has an alarm system, disarm the alarm system by entering the alarm code on the keypad just outside the door.  The red light to the far right indicates when the alarm is armed.  Contact the Computer Lab Manager for alarm codes
  • Verify all computers are logged into the network and that they are functioning normally. Any problems with a computer that are not resolved by rebooting should be reported to IT by email to
  • Verify that the printer is full of paper and that there are at least two reams of paper and a spare toner on hand. If not, retrieve them from the CSC Computer Lab or from the Memorial Building

On shift

  • Be available to assist any student with computing/printing issues.  Some students may be hesitant to ask for assistance or may not know who to ask, so BE AWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR LAB.  If you see a student who is clearly in need of assistance, do not wait to be asked before offering to help. 
  • Walk around the lab periodically.  Straighten/pick up any clutter that may be left about and note any computers that are not in functioning order.  Report any computer problems that cannot be resolved by a system reboot via an email to
  • Keep check on paper and toner supplies in the printer and stored in the lab. There should be at least one spare toner and two spare reams of paper on hand in the lab at any given time.  These supplies may be obtained from the CSC Computer Lab or from the Memorial Building.
  • Check the hand sanitizer station.  If the unit is out of sanitizer, re-load it with supplies obtained from the Memorial Building. 
  • There is to be NO FOOD OR DRINKS allowed in the computer labs.  If you witness a student with food or an open drink in the lab, ask them to take it outside.
  • The labs are an academic environment.  Students may work in groups so long as their activity does not cause a disturbance to other lab patrons.  If a patron is causing a distraction to other lab patrons (with loud conversation, music, etc), ask them to please lower their volume as to not disturb others who are working in the lab.

    Additional Operating Procedures for the CSC Computer Lab.

    • Any assistant scheduled to work in the CSC Computer Lab must verify that there is a stock of paper and toner stored in the CSC Lab Office sufficient to support all other labs. This includes a large supply of paper and at least one spare toner cartridge on hand for the printer in the CSC Lab and an additional spare toner for the printers in the other labs (there should be at least two spare toners in the CSC lab office: one for the CSC Lab printer and one for the other labs)
    • Any assistant scheduled to work at 4PM on a weekday (MTWRF) should pick up toner and paper from the Memorial building to replenish the stock in the CSC Lab office.  The Memorial Building is open from 8AM-5PM, Monday-Friday, so it is very important that all supplies are acquired and transported to the CSC Lab BEFORE the building closes so that there will be sufficient supplies to last the evening.  This is especially true of the Friday afternoon shift, as supplies stored in the CSC Lab office must be enough to support all labs through the weekend.

On shift change

  • Lab Assistant coming on duty: Make sure that there are at least two reams of paper in the lab and there is a spare toner cartridge for the printer.
  • Lab Assistant going off duty: Pick up all loose paper or trash lying around the computer lab. Be sure that all empty chairs are pushed in; in general, tidy the lab before leaving.

Closing Procedure

  • Pick up any loose paper or trash lying about the lab.
  • Push in all chairs
  • Verify all patrons have exited the lab
  • Turn off the lights
  • After exiting the empty lab, If the lab has an alarm system installed, enter the alarm code on the keypad just outside the door.  The red light to the far right indicates when the alarm is armed.