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Research Analyst
Collects and interprets data for use by the university, governmental agencies, and accreditation agencies involved in the planning, policy formulation, decision making, assessment and administration of institutions of higher education, such as the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Reports to the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment.
Prepares reports on enrollment, faculty workloads, graduation and retention rates, and other data. Compiles and evaluates information to conduct program reviews. Prepares responses to national surveys and data forms for state or provincial agencies with responsibility for higher education. Responds to questionnaires and requests for data or information in general. Uses a variety of measurement instruments to complete duties.
Physical Condition:
Completion of a course, research project, internship, or thesis involving each of the following:
writing complex queries using SPSS syntax to merge, manipulate, and recode data; managing data in a SPSS database; processing and maintaining a student database using SPSS syntax and data files; assessing and monitoring a SACS quality enhancement plan; performing data collection, data verification, data analysis, and sampling instruments and techniques in higher education; preparing reports based on data analysis; and making presentations to university administrators and other constituents.
Master's degree in statistics, operations research, operations analysis, science, sociology, public administration, organizational psychology, or a related field.
Additional Requirements:
*This position is designated as security sensitive and requires a criminal background check.

Last updated 2015-03-12