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Vice President, Administration and Institutional Effectiveness
The Vice President for Administration and Institutional Effectiveness is responsible to the President for central leadership, coordination, and integration for all programs involving research and assessment, and information technology.
Manages the systematic and ongoing process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data and information related to the goals and outcomes developed to support the university’s mission and objectives. Coordinates and integrates the ongoing assessment-improvement cycle that is applied to student outcomes and service functions at each level within the university. The Vice President for Administration and Institutional Effectiveness is responsible for and coordinates the delivery of all forms of computer technology and communications to the campus community through the Office of Information Technology.
Physical Condition:
Significant experience in college or university administration with heavy emphasis on assessment, institutional effectiveness measures, budgeting, and staffing.
Requires strong knowledge of assessment and information technology as it relates to the university community. Must be knowledgeable in standard office practices and procedures, in the use of personal computers, and in commonly used office software programs, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
Doctorate. Full-time university teaching experience preferred with experience in the areas of institutional assessment and information technology.
Additional Requirements:
Must have good leadership and managerial skills and be able to communicate effectively with a variety of constituencies. *This position is designated as security sensitive and requires a criminal background check.

Last updated 2012-03-22