Student Employment

College Work-Study

The College Work-Study Program provides on-campus jobs for students who have applied for financial aid and demonstrated financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay educational expenses. Students awarded College Work-Study must maintain a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0. Students who have been awarded College Work-Study will be notified of this award via the Financial Aid Award Notice. The student's Award Notice will include specific information on how to apply for a Work-Study position. Job postings will be available online after July 1 for the upcoming academic year. Students are not guaranteed a job. You must interview with potential employers before you are hired. Students who do not secure a job will have their Work-Study award cancelled. Work-Study funds are limited and students should apply early to maximize their opportunity to receive College Work-Study as a part of his/her financial aid ‘package’.

Work-study positions pay $7.75/hour. Students are paid on a bi-monthly basis for time worked. The pay periods end on the 15th and the end of each month. MSU students are encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit to receive your paychecks; contact the MSU Payroll Office (940:397-4222) for complete details. Students, with their supervisors, are responsible for monitoring the hours worked with regard to the amount of Work-Study awarded. Completion of the timesheet is the responsibility of the student. Timesheets are to be submitted ONLINE by 5 p.m. on the business day after the pay period ends, as scheduled by the Work-Study coordinator and/or hiring department (or earlier, if scheduled holidays fall within the month). Timesheets MUST be submitted online by the student and approved by the supervisor. Students will not be paid until the following month's payroll if timesheets are submitted late! 

Student and Hourly Timesheets are due by 5:00 P.M. on the dates indicated on the Semi-Monthly Due and Pay Dates tab.  Student and Hourly Timesheets received after the due date will be processed in the subsequent payroll period

CWS students will submit bi-monthly timesheets via Web Time Entry in lieu of paper timesheets!  Click here for complete details.

Questions regarding College Work Study? Email Sara Connolly.

NON College Work-Study

Questions regarding regular NON College Work-study Employment? Interested students should contact the MSU Career Management Center at 940:397-4473, located in room 108 of the Clark Student Center for additional information.  Additionally, the Career Management Center offers the Mustangs HIRE job announcement system (

The following job postings have been approved for students who have been awarded Federal/State College Work Study funds as part of his/her overall financial aid packageThis information will be updated as jobs become available.

Department: America Reads Program
Hours Per Week: 10-15
Hourly Rate: $9.00
Enrollment Period: Fall 2014 and Spring 2015
Job Description:

Work as a reading tutor with in the elementary schools in the Wichita Falls Independent School District. Will work under the guidance of the school's principal and/or teaching staff. School assignments are made by WFISD administration but, student preference will be considered.


Present your completed "Work-Study Notice", as instructed in your award notice to the following contact:

Sara Connolly, Financial Aid Office
Hardin South, Room 102
Department: Biology
Hours Per Week: 10-15
Hourly Rate: $7.75
Enrollment Period: Fall 2014 and Spring 2015
Job Description: Job entails cleaning laboratory glassware and following a specific protocol. Training will be provided. The chosen candidate must be self directed and capable of working independently. Must be willing , able to follow, and perform good bio safety practices.
Present your completed "Work-Study Notice", as instructed in your award notice to the following contact:

Dr. Magaly Rincon-Zachary, Financial Aid Office
Bolin Hall, Room 208
Department: Biology
Hours Per Week: 15
Hourly Rate: $7.75
Enrollment Period: Spring 2015
Job Description: Position: Microbiology Teaching Laboratory Prep Assistant A part-time position is available for media preparation/laboratory support assistant in the Biology Department. This position supports the Microbiology and Bacteriology teaching labs, with some minor support given to other labs. The two major responsibilities will be 1) to prepare liquid and solid growth media; and 2)to clean glassware used in the Microbiology and Bacteriology teaching labs. Other duties include: preparation of some reagents for these lab sections, operation and regular maintenance of the autoclaves and water baths, keeping inventory for media, chemicals and supplies. Will work with Teaching Assistants to set up media, supplies and other resources needed for each week's lab sections Prior experience in microbiology, chemistry or general biology laboratories is desirable. Must be self-directed and capable of working independently. Must be willing and able to follow and perform good bio-safety practices. Other desirable qualifications include: the ability to perform calculations needed for preparation of solutions; experience in the use of balance, pH meter, and other standard lab equipment; and prior familiarity with autoclave operation. Availability to work in the Summer 1 session is desirable if Microbiology is offered. Applicants should be available for training during the week of January 5, 2015, but no later than January 12th. Please send resume, names and contact information of two references and a letter of interest to Dr. James Masuoka, Department of Biology. Review of Applications will begin immediately and continue through November 7th.
Present your completed "Work-Study Notice", as instructed in your award notice to the following contact:

Dr. Masuoka, Biology
Bolin Hall, Room 324