2012-2013 Faculty Senate


Chair: David Carlston
Vice-Chair: Laura Fidelie
Secretary: Jeremy Duff
Treasurer: Charles Bultena
Parliamentarian: Ruth Morrow

College of Health Sciences and Human Services

Barbara DeBois, Assistant Professor of Dental Hygiene

Jane Leach, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Laura Fidelie, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Martha Gibson, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Gary Morrison, Associate Professor of Radiological Sciences
Ted Paddack, Instructor of Criminal Justice

Kathy Roberts  Assistant Professor of Nursing

College of Science and Mathematics

Terry Griffin, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Terry McDonald, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Jackie Dunn, Assistant Professor of Physics

Jon Price, Assistant Professor of Geosciences


Dillard College of Business Administration

Charles Bultena, Associate Professor of Management

Jim Owen, Assistant Professor of Economics

Phillip Wilson, Associate Professor of Marketing


Fain College of Fine Arts

Alan Black, Assistant Professor of Music
Ruth Morrow, Professor of Music

Jim Sernoe, Associate Professor of Mass Communications


West College of Education

Suzanne Lindt, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Learning
Julie Wood, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology


Prothro-Yeager College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Jeremy Duff, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Nathan Jun, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

David Carlston, Associate Professor of Psychology

Stuart McClintock, Professor of French

Sally Henschel, Assistant Professor of English