Entering the University


How Do I Enter the University?

You may complete the requirements for English Language Proficiency through one of the following ways:

Successfully completing IELI Levels 6 and passing an exit test


Successfully completing IELI Level 8


Obtaining one of the following TOEFL scores:

79 on the internet-based test with minumum scores of 20 on reading, 21 on listening, 19 on speaking, and 20 on writing 213 on the computer-based test 550 on the paper test.

Once you have completed the requirements to leave IELI, you must apply to the university. You should contact all high schools, colleges, and universities that you attended and request that they send your transcripts to the university.

For detailed information on university admission, please contact Kerrie Cale at kerrie.cale@mwsu.edu.

Can I take university classes while I complete IELI?

Yes, we have a new Concurrent Enrollment program that allows students to take up to 5 university hours while they take our 15-week Level 6.  Students may only participate in this program if they have a score of 500 or better on the TOEFL ITP or the equivalent.  Please note that participation in concurrent enrollment is dependent on admission to the university.The TOEFL ITP is given through the Testing Center on campus at the end of each long semester.  Check with the Testing Center for additional testing information.